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​POE - Accursed Draft mechanics questions

news Jul-22-2019

​POE - Accursed Draft mechanics questions

So my big catechism with accursed draft is how the accident is afflicted for the big POP.

" Upon extensive 6 charges, expiring, or the enemy's death, the answerable debuff is removed, buy poe chaos orbs and it deals accident to that and added adjacent enemies. "

" Debuff deals 66% of Accident per Allegation "

From my understanding, this agency that 66% of the accident you accord if you hit an adversary with IB is stored as a charge, and afterwards 6 accuse the monster go POP. In that case, it sounds absolute absolute agnate to:


" a debuff that deals added concrete accident to the afflicted ambition anniversary time it is hit. "

As far as I know, Annihilate can NOT hit (otherwise anniversary time you hit an impaled adversary with one attack, they would be "hit" several time and that doesn't accomplish sense). So if Annihilate is absolutely agnate to the accuse from accursed blow, that would advance you to accept that the POP from IB doesn't hit the adversary accepting POPPED. Obviously, the aoe hits adjacent enemies, but the one accepting POPPED is artlessly accepting dealt the accident stored from the accuse right?

Both are stored but annihilate applies a abounding assemblage of the max accuse first, so as a for instance let's go with 5. Every hit with annihilate adds a new abounding assemblage on top of the antecedent and expends one of the accuse of all the antecedent stacks.

So the additional hit will leave the monster with a assemblage of 5 and a assemblage of 4, and this arrangement will abide until the adversary is dead. Annihilate for accident adding is advised as reflect damage.

However, IB starts at aught and counts up to 6 or until the afterlife of the target.IB accurately states the accident from the access cannot be reflected, which allegedly agency the antecedent of the accident is the debuff or the adversary with the debuff. I am not 100% on the antecedent or calculation.