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​POE - Account From Anyone Who Has A Bits Computer

news Oct-15-2019

​POE - Account From Anyone Who Has A Bits Computer

So I don't acquire the beefiest computer. It's alright. But POE lags abundantly hard, no bulk what I do.

Lowest Cartoon Settings, Annihilation but Discord on in the BG minimized, etc.

POE crashes my computer every day I try to bulk into Oriath for the aboriginal time.

After the harder blast and my computer restarts, it still takes me 2-4 tries to in actuality log in and get into Oriath.

I anticipate it'd be air-conditioned if I could baddest to bulk into my cover aboriginal instead of Oriath. My cover is way beneath accelerated and I acquire a activity it'd admonition me bulk in bigger because it's a way abate breadth with beneath traveling on.

Secondly, every time my aboriginal map aback alpha up is one with syndicate assassins I consistently die. Every time.

They consistently appearance up afore aggregate in the map is absolutely acclimatized in and I can in actuality play afterwards 5 fps.

But if they appearance up I get 1 fps. My absolute awning freezes and there's annihilation I can do but adjure my zombies/SRS annihilate them afore it settles again.

I anticipate it'd be Absolute Air-conditioned if Syndicate Assassin's couldn't appearance up until you're in the map for... 30... 45 seconds, to accord my computer a angry adventitious at accession out what's traveling on.

I'm absolutely annoyed of dying not because of poor accomplishment (which does happen, apperception you) but because this bold isn't absolutely optimized able-bodied and makes my pc wanna die.

I absolutely don't apperceive what abroad to do, and I anticipate both of these account would admonition those of us beneath fortunate, afterwards $2k computers.