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May-09-2018 Categories: news

There should be something that makes Accepted added account it. It seems 80% of folk play league, and if you don't you're missing out. I like leagues, but it tends to yield me about all 3 months to get to red maps amid work, life, and added poe currency things. And again I accept to alpha over or absence new stuff.

What if it was a bit added like this anamnesis event? Say, every breadth has a 10% adventitious to add one old alliance modifier on top of the accepted standard. And it refreshes every hour. It works just like anamnesis is appropriate now, abandoned with just one mod, and on a low chance. This artisan would not be in leagues.

It doesn't bandy off the ability antithesis terribly, and already in a while anybody goes to acreage about beforehand in bold because a Breach opens up or Harbingers spawn. I accept it could plan with map types as well. I apperceive that array of conflicts with Zana, but conceivably if alliance specific items were kept to Zana while the mechanics backward accessible you would still accept a acumen to use her mods.

GGG shoukd do a yearly(?) Reset of accepted and move aggregate into like a berg alliance so it goes like this

# Claiming Alliance - resets every 3 to 4 months with the new crazy mechanics GGG wish to implement.

Which if it ends transfers all the players into:

# Accepted Alliance - resets yearly(?) - GGG use this alliance to analysis the catastrophe claiming league's "will the claiming alliance be implemented in the amount game?" implementation, and any added development of the alliance that absent their development aeon if the claiming alliance was aboriginal released.

Which if it ends transfers all the players into the:

# Berg league- never resets (effectivly what accepted is at the moment). Gets the adapted and aesthetic continued appellation implementations of the leagues if the accepted alliance ends.

I anticipate this is a appealing acceptable band-aid because:

# GGG can apparatus batty claiming leagues and gets a adventitious to accord them a acceptable additional canyon of development. Resulting in them accepting added and added able as the move into the new standard.

# Humans that can't no-life the claiming league's will get abundant time over a year to analyze the leagues in a fresh-ish economy.

# Accepted players can still masterbate to their exalteds and bequest items in the berg league.

Win win win.