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Mar-10-2018 Categories: news

I anticipate what happened is nets got added to the coins bead table. They didn't change a monster's adventitious to bead an annual (something like 16%) and buy poe currency afresh they added nets to the coins bead table.

So basically, beneath of aggregate is bottomward because so abounding of the drops from the abject adventitious are bottomward nets. They charge that to accomplish the alliance work, so they fabricated the numbers common-ish.

But they didn't change amount of items that drop. So beneath items in general. Abundant beneath currency, back so abounding of those drops are nets.

I anticipate we would be about boilerplate if every net was accession coins orb. It wouldn't beggarly a cool huge beverage of alcs and anarchy and those kinds of things because they weren't cool accepted before, but it would be a lot bigger than it is appropriate now.

I could be crazy amiss about this, but it seems to fit with the numbers of things I accept apparent so far.

I mean....you get that it's not just a joke, right? It's like the 6% Glacial Bang addict meme. It's bisected a joke, bisected a admonition of that time if GGG looked at the complete bits accompaniment Glacial Bang was in and thought, "you apperceive what'll fix this? A 6% buff. Great job, boys, lets go play some Magic!"

Same abstraction here. GGG came out boasting of how abundant acquaintance their testers have, afresh they go, "here's the new Trickster Ascendency!" to which anyone who understands the accomplished "added accident as" artisan can immediately apprehend the crazy double-dipping potential.

Did they nerf it pre-release? Sure. But it got that far through development, to the point area they appear it, with numbers, to the public, in the accompaniment it was in, after any of these testers with 1000+ hrs of acquaintance going, "hey guys, you apprehend the a lot of able artisan from endure alliance was 'damage added as X' and affair affair is traveling to assemblage on that in antic ways."

To administer it to this situation, we've had assorted leagues now area alchs, maps, and added "lesser" drops were all added by the alliance mechanics. Obviously, the bold was counterbalanced about those mechanics.

None of these testers played the bold abundant with the accepted alliance mechanics to address that they were afire through maps/currency at an alarming amount (and we're not just talking about comestible t16's here, abounding humans are accepting ashore about low-mid bank maps)?

Or was it appear and GGG poe marketplace went, "nah, we good"? Either way is a bit frightening.