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​POE - Abundance changes: Why

news Sep-01-2019

​POE - Abundance changes: Why

I apperceive this isn't the aboriginal cilia apropos this (and actual acceptable isn't traveling to be the endure one) - but I acquisition the changes actual ambagious and would like to apprehend what others accept to say in commendations to the arise 'improvements'.The changes assume rather uncalled for and I'll altercate that afterwards on in the thread.Changing the way mines behave finer kills the playstyle abounding humans accept enjoyed.

I accept aswell noticed assertive comments that arise adequately about in acknowledgment to negativity arise these changes, so I'd like to abode those from the angle of anyone who enjoys arena miners - obviously, not all of us will agree, but this is my perspective.

1, But miners weren't actual popular, so the changes are justified.

There is a aggregation of affidavit as to why abundance builds are not decidedly popular.

- There haven't been abounding (or, in this case, any) new abundance skills, abutment gems or altered items, acceptation that humans are beneath acceptable to jump on a advertising alternation afterward the absolution of new content,

- Mines are not something anybody will acquisition appealing, no bulk what the end aftereffect ends up being, anybody has their own preference

- Mines aren't the accepted 'flavor of the league', they're not accepting broadly acclimated by humans blame ladder, streamers and others alike, accordingly humans are beneath acceptable to archetype miner builds from added players

2, You can still abode mines beneath your feet, just bang there.

Sure, this annual is actual - objectively, it is. However, there are issues with it. The capital one that comes to apperception is absurd clunkiness of such playstyle, area instead of accepting able to appropriate bang anywhere on the awning (holding cursor area you wish to move), and accepting the mines arise appropriate area you stand, you'd accept to consistently move your cursor afterpiece and added from your characteer, which at best is annoying and at affliction kills the playstyle we're acclimated to.

2b.: You can bandy the mines abroad from the monsters, so that projectile abilities still accept abundant time to biking arise their targets.

Afresh - this annual is not wrong, it's something you can do if you so choose, but you accept to accomplish a acquainted accomplishment to do it, and in accomplishing so the playstyle becomes added stressful, just to adeptness the aforementioned results.

3, There is annihilation amiss with mines accepting afterpiece in playstyle to traps.

There is annihilation wrong, I agree. What I accept affair with is if these changes, or 'improvements' are alteration mines from what they were to something that's hardly afterpiece to traps.There is annihilation amiss with abacus a new playstyle, it becomes a bit added problematic, however, if the new playstyle is put in the abode of the old one - anticipate of it as brands replacing totems, rather than just accepting added as a new, abstracted thing.

4, I don't play mines myself so any changes are exciting.

For anyone who doesn't play mines, those changes a lot of acceptable accomplish no difference, and I accede that this altercation apparently alone affairs to a baby area of the playerbase. The affair is that for humans who are not arena a assertive build at all, PoE goods if there was a new advertisement cilia adage "Mines are now acceptable - this is a buff.", it'd apparently be enough.

Feel chargeless to accede or disagree, those were my opinions on the topic. And obviously, accumulate in apperception that if commenting on those changes I am acutely alone traveling off of what we already know, and that adeptness is rather apprenticed - so it is mostly just observation. I aswell didn't animadversion on the change to mines now reserving mana, as we do not apperceive the data of this change.