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​POE - A Minor Account of Concerning Bold Flaws

news Sep-10-2019

​POE - A Minor Account of Concerning Bold Flaws

They ability be bugs, they ability be features, but there are abounding things that we can achievement to accede are problems with the game.

Goats and Goatmen accept the aforementioned adventitious to bead Goat Horns as non-goat creatures, and actually do not acknowledge with anxiety if you apply the horns of their accompany adjoin them.

Abundant of Wraeclast's cultural abasement can be traced aback to the amazing names that accouchement were given. Who calls their kid Gorestench the Unclean? Not a ancestor of the year, clearly.

Admitting it accepting their accustomed habitat, and accepting an affluence of barrels around, none of the skeletons in Axium Prison are begin sleeping central them. They accept to be actual tired.

In Act 2, if the Witch allotment with Accession Specter, she is clumsy to accession the Vaal Oversoul as a pet, nor accumulate it in a little box.

The "Undying" die a lot. Faster than a lot of non-undying creatures, in fact.

In Act 3, admitting acutely befitting it preserved for breed afterwards endless patches, the Not-A-Door of the Lunaris Temple is not apparent on any maps, and actually has no tourism commercial at all.

Dominus, admitting accepting the self-proclaimed god emperor of accepted civilization, is 25 levels lower than a accepted artery rat a few weeks afterwards in the aforementioned town. It is accessible that his Doryani's Fist is a bargain artificial knockoff, as he is far too low akin to accouter one.

The age-old Vaal acculturation fell not because of bribery or madness, but because they got absent in their procedurally generated buildings. Enjoy, as the Causeway wanders beyond the river to Nowhere in Particular!

In Act 6, my 300+ Strength Marauder cannot artlessly aces up Nessa over his arch and backpack her aback to Lioneye's Watch, bitter that questline in the bud.

Accomplished Act 6, if acquisition gods like Tukohama that accept biased followers, those followers do not run abroad agreeable in alarm at the actuality that you murdered their deity.

In Act 7, Gruest does not say "WAT" aloft dying.

In Act 7, Yeena transforms into a fox, and not a hyena.

In Act 8, none of the Solaris fanatics abrasion sunglasses.

In Act 8, the Lunaris Fanatics, admitting accepting arise up with a phenomenon Spaghetti Remover for all the Spaghetti Booze in their temple, do not attack to bazaar this to the abstract of Wraeclast, admitting there accepting a advanced bazaar for such stain/gore removal.

In Act 9, the Spaghetti Aqueduct has too abundant sauce, and not abundant noodles/meatballs.

Kitava never attempts to aqueduct bandage his broad chest anguish closed, or at atomic put on a shirt.

The Templar does not accretion Pants as a accolade for extenuative the world.

None of the townsfolk address the exiles with added townsfolk.

You are clumsy to address slogans on, or tie-dye, the Tabula Rasa T-shirt. One would apprehend this to be the accustomed aftereffect of Corrupting it.