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​POE - A affray bluster from a adept amateur who mainly plays melee

news Jul-12-2019

​POE - A affray bluster from a adept amateur who mainly plays melee

So in case you weren't aware, there's a website alleged poe.ninja, on this website you can appearance builds above all alive leagues. If you go and accept a peek, you'll apprehension that 50% of the amateur abject above both SC Legion, HC Legion, SSF Legion, SSF HC Countless are arena cyclone.

This adeptness not be a big accord to you, PoE currency but its in actuality incredible. The actuality that GGG developed a application breadth 75% of the amateur abject was abandoned appliance two abilities assault my mind, how did they not adumbrate this happening, are they just accept with it?

This was declared to be the 'Melee League', yet theres 3-4 abilities in actuality in actuality accepting played. Sure, you can say "but I am accomplishing arctic hammer, what are you talking about?", but thats what you're doing. What the draft of the amateur abject is accomplishing is either: 50% Cyclone, 4% Bladestorm, 3% Earthquake, 3% Lacerate. Annihilation abroad is in actuality viable, and by applicable I mean, its not even abutting to the aloft akin as Cyclone.

Now instead of just advertence some statistics and my opinion, I am traveling to try and accord you a solid archetype of why Cyclone is such an simple choice.

I capital to play Vaal Bifold Strike, appliance approved Bifold Bang as my capital ability. My links would be: Bifold Bang - Affray Splash - Ancestral Call - Pulverise - Fortify - Impale/Melee Phys/Whatever

So that seems accomplished right? It's not. I accept to cover Ancestral Call and Affray Splash in my 6l, acutely abbreviation my damage, Cyclone doesn't accept this problem. You can hotlink 5 50% added multipliers to it, including alloyed channeling, giving you bargain accident taken. It aswell scales impale, allows to you to move and has AoE scaled by affray weapon range.

Another affair that was dumpstered this patch, Multistrike. A Gladiator with 10 amateur charges, ~115 nodes and two 1.8-2.0 one handed swords alcove an IAS breakpoint of ~6.7-7.8 attacks per added with multistrike affiliated now (tested with bifold strike.)

Not abandoned is this acutely beneath than before(11-13 attacks per second), the new activity abandoning amend absolutely wonks aggregate complex with multistrike. I cannot accent abundant to you how abundant I abhorrence this update, no one asked for it, it wasn't appropriately tested, they just threw it at us. I accede it to be the adverse of Lockstep, which I accede the greatest amend the bold has anytime seen.