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​POE - A adviser on what to apprehend in the advancing weeks

news Nov-06-2018

​POE - A adviser on what to apprehend in the advancing weeks

To the D3 newcomers: A adviser on what to apprehend in the advancing weeks.

Edit 1: able-bodied this blew up. Thanks for all the adulation folks! Acknowledge it.

Edit 2: Platinum? AND Noticed by BEX HERSELF? I adulation you guys <3.

First things aboriginal : as a adolescent diablo fan, I feel your pain. I allotment your disappointment, and ambition bang would yield their ivory belfry out of their ass (and their arch with it) but ya know.

You guys appear at a absolute analytical and ritualized moment in the Aisle of Exile aeon of activity : one ages afore the next league. So this agency you should be somewhat able for what is coming.

We're now in anniversary 45. This is the anniversary where, apparently, we acceptable you guys. That usually doesn't appear (or at least, not that much), but it seems like we'll accept to add you to the schedule. Don't worry, it's fine.

You get this anniversary to try out the game, attending at the acquiescent tree, and apprentice the a lot of important memes (this apple is an illusion, exile, you are accepting shellfish, Piety absent the Duelist's ass, Vagan the endure Rearbender, the Templar accepting a barbarian of accountability giraffe, adumbration accepting an edgelord, etc.)

Next is anniversary 46 a.k.a. Advertising Anniversary 1. Big 3.5 advertisement (so allegedly the forsaken adept amend acknowledge / Delve/Incursion dev manifesto? We'll see). This is a cardinal point in the Aisle of Exile cycle, breadth the advertising starts architecture up.

We get ashore to Bex's aperture (Bex is our association administrator memer (well aswell administrator but memes assume to be her primary agency of communication.) You'll abound to adulation her, as we all do.), acquisitive for tidbits of information, memes, that she dispenses to us like she was agriculture breadcrumbs to ducks.

The subreddit is in a accompaniment of anticipation, Mark (dev) answers practical/mechanical questions, Chris (lead dev / the dad figure) clarifies things and tells us next alliance is the bigger they accept done to date (which is about accurate and not hyperbole), and anybody is like omfg can't wait.

The advertising ebbs and flows. Things get nerfed, things get buffed, things get reworked, and bodies alpha theorycrafting builds that they will never play, both to get aback into theorycrafting and because we're fucking addicts who allegation our daily dosage of Aisle of Building. Bex teases us some added because that's her job AND she's barbarous like that.

Then it's anniversary 47 a.k.a. THE BIG HYPE WEEK. Two weeks afore absolution is if we get the big alliance reveal, with a bivouac that never fails to affect because...

a°) Kamil Orman-Janowski (the composer) has YET AGAIN done a arch job.

b°) Whoever they best to do the articulation acting has agape it out of the park.


d°) Hi I'm Chris Wilson from Grinding Accessory Games.

The association starts accepting absorbed af about possibilities, anxious about accessible problems (some of those apropos will allegedly be real, but they'll get patched a anniversary or two afterwards barrage so it's not too big a deal), the new alliance announcement hits frontpage, and anybody loves anybody and aggregate is FINE and oh my god I can't delay to play I allegation the alliance alpha I WANNA PLAY AAAAAAH.

Week 48: agriculture the flames. That's breadth the accomplished GGG aggregation feeds us tiny $.25 of bold every day to accumulate us hyped. They're about appealing acceptable at that. Aswell bodies allocution about accepting pizza delivered at the GGG studio. I beggarly yeah.

Every individual item/skill that gets apparent gets dissected, and fit into forty-seven and a bisected accessible builds. Bodies try to animate Wormblaster and/or CoCDischarge. Bodies ambition Poet's Pen to get nerfed, and a algid channeled skill.

Week 49: ENERGY WEEK (also shitposts)

Basically, anniversary starts abounding of astriction and anticipation. We apperceive it's coming. WE KNOW IT! Monday and Tuesday feel like the longest canicule of the endure three months, until al of a sudden it's there : wednesday.

PATH NOTES DAY! (patch notes, but I couldn't abide the pun. Sorry about that.) Sometimes Monday sees the markov chains patchnotes (another tradition) but date is a bit added fluid.

Patch addendum day is basically our redditional holiday. This is the day breadth we alternating amid hype, giddiness, blessed dancing, aisle of building, and alert to our favourite banderole apprehend the patchnotes. Who you accept depends on you, but I mean, accept you heard Mathil's voice? Dayumn. #NoHomoButYouNo.

Work (or school, or whatever you do) becomes something you do mechanically as 90% of your acquainted apperception is focused on the advertising and the theorycraft. And memes. This is a buff.

It is attitude actuality to forward a massive genkidama to Neversink (& added clarify guys, they do lootfilters so apathetic bums like you and I can accept a agleam clarify afterwards spending too abundant time on it), and Openarl (the guy who does the aforementioned Aisle of Building.), as the abstracts gets appear for them to amend their corresponding works.

Once abundant activity has been received, with the bonfire fanned even added by EVEN MORE REVEALS, the august day of Aisle of Building's new absolution arrives, and the sub becomes a massive accumulate of bodies tweaking PoBs to acquisition their ideal starter / mfer / bosskiller / labrunner / whatever.

Also the august attitude of MSPaint builds, which is absolutely what it sounds. Draw your body on MSPaint. This is breadth the aesthetic ancillary of this subreddit is appear in its abounding glory.

People assemblage their fridges, appearance them off and animadversion on their optimal aliment action (I'm still alone fractional to authoritative a big ol' pot of stew, but there are in fact added leveling strats!)

Then friday night comes, a.k.a. LAUNCH TIME (can aswell be friday afternoon in the US, or satursday morning in Kiwiland) which basically consistently feel like christmas, and bodies accuse about chain times, crashes, gimmicks, and back-bite ggg for all of seventeen annual until the affair is anchored and anybody plays and spam new uniques / mods / whatever. Aswell DnD powerlevels advanced of everyone, and Fyndel gets the aboriginal uber atziri / ancient / uber ancient annihilate in the aboriginal 48 hours of the league, abrogation normies like you and I with a slight activity of inadequacy.

Hope this advice you guys with your alteration from r/diablo (which is basically anguish and acerbity atm) to r/pathofexile (which is about a mix of salt, amoroso and spices, but mostly amoroso and aroma as the new alliance comes anytime closer.)

Have fun in Wraeclast, Exiles!