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​POE - 100x Tower Map acreage bureaucracy for accidental players

news Jan-12-2019

​POE - 100x Tower Map acreage bureaucracy for accidental players

I started to acreage T15 Tower Maps in hopes of accepting the Brutal Hideout instead of those who are agriculture it for The Nurse divination cards.

In adjustment to advance a adapted sustain, I did some analysis with the abstraction of application cheaper methods to accept a adequate T15 acreage as I play added accidentally and can't be agitated to absorb canicule trading and ambience it up afore I can alpha farming.

I accept Perandus could cause I adulation the action of seeing Cadibro anniversary time and Perandus Scarabs are so cheap.

You don't allegation Quant accent or annihilation for this agriculture bureaucracy and the allotment are still great. Just accomplish abiding your Atlas is appropriately bureaucracy to ambition acreage the specific map. The agriculture was done over the bulk of about 1 week.

My Gear: +0% Quantity, +0% Rarity

Atlas: 100/159. Abandoned Tower is apart for T15, Raceource for T13 (easy to sell), Hydra & Phoenix for T16 (easy to sell).

Map: Tower Map with 4x Chisel and 1x Alch (no vaal and reroll if basal reflect)

Prophecy: Hungering Swarm, Swarm of Rats, Cursed Choir (all 1c each)

Rusted Perandus Scarab: 1c each

Sacrifice Fragment (1x): 1c each

Zana Perandus Mod: 3c each


Profit 1474 Anarchy profit, complete of 44 Adept appearances and 22 Breach/Abyss.


Significant Drop: Seven-League Footfall from Perandus Locker

Side Note:

About 5% adventitious to get The Nurse & 40% adventitious to get The Wretched in Tower.

Can add in a Rusted Divination Scarab or added Sacrifice Fragment for added profit.

Profits are in fact abundant academy as a lot of the things I put as the lower average.

Adding sextants would in fact access the crop but hey, this is for casuals.

Google Sheets Hotlink - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-T3s3blD8kcb1s3q-UPd7_tcnm_E0JXOep_TaaaTjpg/edit?usp=sharing

Hit me up with any questions and I will try my best to acknowledgment and allotment the agency of the accidental non-meta playestyle.

Thanks and let me apperceive if there is any errors.