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​POE - 1 Handed Abrasion Hardcore Body Challenge

news Jul-24-2019

​POE - 1 Handed Abrasion Hardcore Body Challenge

The Situation: My 3 ages old babe loves it if i authority her cocked in my larboard arm and if im in foreground of the computer.

The Challenge: What's the best hardcore body that we can appear with that can yield us from act1 to at atomic shaper/elder that utilizes alone 1 duke for a abrasion for in-combat hotkeys (including movement abilities and flasks):

Left click

Right click

Middle click

Side button 1

Side button 2

Note: Application keyboard hotkeys are accept like prepping auras and aperture account out of combat, but would crave you absolution go of your abrasion hand.

Please animadversion your suggestions with your hotkey bureaucracy below!

Thank you from a adoring father!