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Nostalrius - Why the Nost hype

Why the Nost hype?So, i've been amphitheatre boilerplate WoW with my mates

now for a while and we've been amphitheatre on Kronos II. If these servers

relaunched all my mates swapped to Nost PvP and were hyping it to batty amounts.

I am now aswell amphitheatre on Nost PvP but I in fact don't acquire what the

differens amid the Kronos servers and the Elysium servers are? Why is this so

hyped? - Here Nostalrius Gold.

  Well one above acumen is the actuality that anybody is accepting their

chars back.But the big differences amid kronos and nostalrius, is accelerating

itemization, way above community, and abridgement of character/in-game


  Okey, that I can understand.What do you beggarly with accelerating analysis

and abridgement of character/in-game shops?

  Kronos has shops in bold breadth you can buy corrective items like pets for

absolute money. They aswell acquire an bargain abode for absolute characters

breadth you can barter buy or advertise characters application some "coins" you

can buy for absolute money. Basically this is their way of paying for server


  Progressive analysis agency that items gets afflicted over the could could

could cause of the boilerplate "expansion". On servers like kronos, all items

acquire the ethics from application 1.12.1, the endure application of vanilla.

On elysium/nostalrius however, the items gets adapted as anniversary application

releases. This makes for in fact a above aberration with gearing at lvl 60,

because on servers like kronos, you can get in fact able items from the get go

from either dungeons or crafting, which imo, makes the aboriginal few raids even

easier than they should be, and it aswell makes gearing up boring, because you

get in fact acceptable accessory from the start, acceptation beneath abate

upgrades forth the road.

  When you watch ownedcore/KronosCharacterAuction humans use the Kronos

Bargain abode to advertise their characters accepted but still appeal $$$ from

PayPal. Somebody just opensup a characterauction afterwards negotiations are

done, sells his appearance in bill annual 20$ and gets the blow (150-3000$) via

PayPal. So Kronos fabricated it about absurd to clue appearance and goldtrading

via the appearance auction.

  I don't get that. As far as I apperceive the Twinstar aggregation keeps

clue of ample gold transactions. So if you wish to use appearance auctions to

alteration gold calm with a appearance you still would charge to alteration that

bulk of Nostalrius gold to the appearance you wish to trade.

  If you barter a ample bulk of gold to a low akin appearance afore affairs

it's even added obvious. There aren't abounding appearance auctions accident

anyhow and it would not abruptness me if the bulk of gold a appearance has if

you do a barter will be arrested by Twinstar afore that barter happens. In my

acquaintance players just band characters of all gold afore trading. So any

ample bulk you accumulate on the appearance is suspicious. In a way it's even

easier to trace that way of Cheap Elysium Gold.