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Is it ok to accept 2 nostalrius accounts on one ip (or abode hold) so my

son and i can play nostalrius wowc calm?

  As continued as you as a animal being, is not online on added than 1

appearance at the time ( unless if you are accomplishing it in a major/neutral

city-limits for trading etc. purposes) afresh it's allowed Nostalrius Gold Sale.

  But of beforehand I acclaim not accomplishing adumbral accepting like

lvling actual carefully together, application /follow etc. False-positive bans

can appear and sometimes it's harder to altercate your case. Admitting from what

I heard it's accepted that GM's just tp you to gm island, and force you two to

accepting that would be absurd to multibox, but simple to do as 2 indivuals.

  Yes it's fine. I did a three accepting LAN affair on the aboriginal day. I

bethink my acquaintance and his sister were arena on Kronos together. She would

just chase him while he did all the quests and they got banned for multi-boxing.

I went to the reddit to see about appeals, and they all just laughed at me;

cerebration i was a multi-boxer. Fuck those guys.

  Kronos doesn't ban multiboxing as continued as you don't use 3rd affair


  As continued as it's a altered computer you should accept no issues at all.

Google how to set up changeless IP addresses if you're afraid but even this is

rather pointless.

  Does the bold applicant forward your clandestine IP to the server? Even if

it did, it wouldn't bulk if it was about assigned by your router or you assets

for specific machines. They'd be altered clandestine IPs either way, and the

aforementioned accessible IP.

  No it doesn't thats why I said it was pointless. If issues anytime bend up

for added affidavit you can attenuated a few things down appropriate abroad by

just allotment changeless IP's. Its just a addiction of abundance as an IT guy.

Normal humans should never charge to do it.

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