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Nostalrius - Nostalrius had a TBC realm

I played Nostalrius absolutely a lot endure year but had to stop due to

studies and work. Back I accelerating and now acquire lots of chargeless time, I

got aback into the WoW amphitheatre and activate out Blizzard is not bringing a

boilerplate server anytime soon here to buy Nostalrius Elysium Gold.

  I acclimated to play on the TBC annex of Nostalrius and I am abashed if

there are any acceptable Blizz-like TBC servers out there? I am already

downloading Elysium, but my favourite amplification is TBC calmly down.

  So my catechism is: are there any acceptable TBC servers out there? I've

been googling for ancient now but I'd like your opinion.Nostalrius had a TBC


  It was in beta testing, burning akin 60 to get to testing TBC content,

chargeless bank sets, etc. Actual glitchy. Got shut down afore any added could

appear of it.

  Yeah, I was amphitheatre Boilerplate but afresh switched to the TBC realm,

but afresh had to abdicate amphitheatre anon after... FeelsBadMan.

  There never was a Nostalrius TBC realm, although it was planned to be

appear a brace of months afterwards Naxx was appear & cleared. If by

acceptable & Blizz-like you beggarly a server of agnate superior to that one

that the elysium agents afresh released, which is based on Nost's antecedent

code, one doesn't currently exist.

  I would say smolderforge is the best one, but it's absolutely not

blizz-like. Afresh there's L4G tbc, which is blizz-like but aswell about asleep

and has connected disconnects. I'm appealing abiding the blow are bits but maybe

anyone can acknowledgment a appropriate one of Nostalrius Gold.