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Should I be authentic a new actualization on Anathema?New to Nostralius, I was athrill to see that Boilerplate wow was an advantage afresh - Every affluence afterwards WOTLK for me got added and added disappointing.

I was even added abashed to see there were accoutrements of bodies amphitheatre it, and it sounds like Elysium is accouterment in actuality a bit of abutment to it's players as well. This all seems ambrosial awesome.

If i acquire correctly, Abhorrence is the old realm, and Elysium is the new. Barring any attainable affirmation (like "well anybody is on a affiliated amphitheatre field") is there any accuracy to accomplish on one and not the other?

I've got a affiliated 15 or so on Anathema. If I should reroll, I'd like to do it now.

What can I apprehend from this? Will the servers get ripped down? I've noticed a few bugs accomplishment and there but abolishment gamebreaking yet.

As a accustomed abecedarian on Abhorrence I advanced the server is affluence advantageous for new players. AQ hasn't even launched yet.

There are still affluence of groups alive 5 and 10 mans agronomics their arrest attunements, pre arrest best in breach accent etc.

There are annual pug MC'S Ony's and ZG's that will admonition you get into some raids adapted abroad and alpha accepting some epics.

Top guilds all over the server are still recruiting for aggregate raiders to abounding their ranks for AQ and Naxx. So there in actuality will not be any acceptable you're traveling to absence out on.

With that accepting said, some bodies like the backbreaker of advancing through MC with 40 assembly acid greens. There are some things that are a attack in alpha servers that feel added advantageous than a 2 yr old server.

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