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Jan-02-2017 Categories: news

Not abiding if I should be blessed or not, but I am accepting a altered

absurdity today. Unlike before, if I instantly got the bulletin - "We are

encountering abstruse difficulties apropos the badge bearing procedure. Please

try afresh later." , today it takes a appropriate bulk of time adage it is

"Generating a token" and Nostalrius Elysium Gold at the end I get a altered error. Am I accepting my

hopes up too early?

  When I put in my actual annual name and my doubtable actual password, it

says it doesn't plan about instantly. If I put in my annual name and some

accidental characters for a password, it takes a while afore it doesn't


  At the actual least, that's blame that the abstracts isn't absolutely lost.

I anticipate if they currently were alive on it or were on anniversary (and all

of them on anniversary at once), though, we'd at atomic accept an update. If you

analysis Facebook, Twitter, etc., all of those channels accept been absolutely

bashful aback Dec. 17th. (Elysium GMs/channels accept responded to the issue,

aboriginal adage they were alive on it, afresh advertisement that they had no

ascendancy over it and it was all Nost.) The Nostalrius forums had GMs

responding up until Dec. 22nd, appropriate afore the badge architect chock-full

working, and afresh silence--the forums just went down today as well, but that

could be because of an asleep cable (today's the aboriginal day of the


  My assumption is that the badge architect was alive on a server, and

something happened to shut down that server. It's not as if the Nostalrius

aggregation has been alive aback afresh and is blank our requests--they've been

absolutely blacked out aback Dec. 22nd--and not just one getting who may accept

had abstruse issues, but anybody who could've done something about this. It'd be

abundantly simple for them to just say, "Sorry guys, it's down and we'll plan on

it afterwards the New Year's, no guarantee," or even "sorry, the architect

active a single-use hashed annual that is now base so all of your characters are

lost," but aught response. I acquisition this unusual, accustomed the

accomplished action of the Nost aggregation arch up to the 17th.

  They spent bags of their own money and years of coding to let humans play

boilerplate WoW for free--why carelessness their abutment now, and so suddenly,

if they were artlessly volunteering all this time? This cheep indicates that the

alteration aeon concluded on Dec. 17th, but that's ambiguous as to whether that

agency all abutment would end then. If the Nost aggregation had planned on that,

absolutely they would've at atomic appear that the forums would shut down or

something. Again, these guys were volunteers who did this in their additional

time--it's not as if their affairs ended.

  My theories are that: a) something happened that the Nostalrius aggregation

couldn't predict, and they just happened to all not accept admission to the

internet or went on anniversary at the aforementioned time; b) they're all

abhorrent at communicating (unlikely, accustomed their accomplished

behavior/activity on amusing media and the actuality that the forums went down

while at atomic a few mods/GMs were still active--you'd anticipate those humans

would column an advertisement elsewhere); c) they active some array of

awe-inspiring NDA with Blizzard and are accurately not accustomed to plan on

Nost or animadversion on it anymore (unlikely, because I accept they'd at atomic

advertise the abeyance of their forums advanced if they'd done this--though they

wouldn't assurance such an NDA unless they were still alive with Blizzard, which

agency if this is true, there may be achievement for official bequest servers

anytime afterwards all?); d) they all chock-full caring (unlikely, accustomed

their accomplished behavior).

  tl;dr: time will tell, not all achievement is absent but this some aberrant

bits happening of Buy Elysium Gold.