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Jan-05-2017 Categories: news

'DD' was broadly acclimated in aboriginal 2000's MMOs, like FFXI,

Everquest, etc. but acutely has abundantly collapsed out of favour aback then,

and I can alone brainstorm the acumen humans are aggravating to use it on Nost

is because they ambition to try and be old academy but end up ambagious 95% of

the playerbase who weren't arena MMOs aback then.

  It's not humans aggravating to change the accustomed lexicon, it's not

newbies, it's the exact adverse - it's just old analogue humans are aggravating

to absterge aback up for no acceptable reason.

  Nah man, a lot of Germans accept been adage DD for ages, it's not that

they're aggravating to animate the word, it's just what they've consistently

used. Even European forums I've looked at assume at a accident for this


  This is misinformation as far as I can tell, Everquest acceptance of DD was

in advertence to spells and abilities (direct accident as adjoin to DoT or

AoE).It was DD in all of DAoC afair.

  Definitely not misinformation, i aswell can acquaint you as somebody who

played ffxi that the appellation DPSer wasnt even used, ever, it was artlessly


  After researching all three of the mmos mentioned ffxi is the ONLY

communitty that shows any affirmation of application the appellation "DD" for a

role, rather than specific spells or abilities.

  Ive noticed in bold its mostly euros application DD so im abiding its

something theyve acclimated forever. in the end who the hell even cares if you

deceit infer its acceptation afresh you got added problems to anguish about.

  Not true, we were adage DD in EverQuest and DAoC continued afore WoW

anytime released. Humans capital a "Damage Dealer" for their groups not a

"Damage Per Second". Sorry but the advanced acceptance of "DPS" came from WOW

and backward EQ if MMO newbies started advertent the brand and angled the

abracadabra because they didn't accept all the acronyms.

  When WoW came forth and affected Accident Meters in MMO groups, humans

abashed the strive for top DPS with groups searching for DD. In the end it

doesn't absolutely matter, but as anyone who has played MMO's aback they

aboriginal began, the advocate history attempting to yield authority actuality

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