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Dec-30-2016 Categories: news

Look MMOGO Nostalrius/Elysium.

  [Alliance] is a anew formed brotherhood on the Elysium PvP Server. We are a

hardcore raiding/PvP brotherhood that raids 8-11pm EST


  What we can offer Nostalrius Elysium Gold:

  Leadership with years annual of acquaintance in end-game Vanilla


  An organized aggressive ambiance in both PvE and PvP aspects of the


  A affable tight-knit group.

  Unbiased boodle council.

  Our expectations:

  Very top attendance/participation in raids.

  Knowledge of basal chic mechanics.

  Follows instructions. Alert/attentiveness in raid.

  Ability to handle effective criticism.

  Prepared with buffs and consumables.

  Viable PvE talents and appropriate addons.


  Recruitment needs:

  Warrior (Protection) - Low

  Warrior (Fury) - High

  Paladin - Low

  Hunter - Closed

  Rogue - High

  Druid - Low

  Mage - Low

  Warlock - High

  Priest - Low

  Chatted with them on animosity and seems like a acceptable accumulation of

guys and girls so far. I will not be abutting them (going PVE), but if I were I

would be with you.

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