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Nostalrius - Elysium is acceptable the bequest of Nostalrius

Today it's 1 year ago aback Nostalrius fabricated its advertisement of shutting down. In their endure advertisement they said "From our side, we accumulate on alive on assorted annual which may go in the appropriate direction.". Do you anticipate they will amend us on that?

I'm in actuality not abiding what abroad they can say. Unless they're alive on accession project, I can't see them influencing the arena in any above way to buy Nostalrius Elysium Gold. They absent their citizenry to Elisyum, and unless that abode sinks I agnosticism that a lot of of those players will ambition to alpha over again.

Blizzard is not talking to them from what we know, so they're asleep on that foreground too.

I just anticipate the endure advertisement was so weird, and don't accept why they would do that, hopefully they amend us on it one day atleast.

Nostalrius absitively to abolish themself 100% from the Action aback they are accepted to bang now by name and face prop aswell adress. so by authoritative batty statements like we ambition you to stop application our "core" ability be a abandoned threath just to look acceptable for bang so bang dont go for them, but we all apperceive that Elysium kept application the aforementioned bulk with a new name.

Now Nostalrius is asleep and elysium is acceptable the bequest of Nostalrius. but afterwards the acknowledged issues.

Elysium is shady, if you still ambition to play on the server that's in actuality reasonable, but you can't abjure Elysium is shady. Nostalrius came to represent a added acclaimed way of active a clandestine server (and in the action may accept become a little too top and mighty).

The actuality that a ample bulk of humans are acknowledging Elysium over Nostalrius at this point shows that this association is afterpiece to the 'pirates' Nostalrius declared than I thought. I anticipation there was a majority of humans that ambition something akin accepted bequest servers and are accommodating to pay for it.

That sobering ability is the one argent lining for me out of Nostalrius giving the 'torch' to Elysium.