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NFL - You can go in abyss and descriptive

CFMs, Bucs and Cowboys are 32 user leagues, Steelers alliance has 20 users so far.

Team(s): Buccaneers, Cowboys, Steelers

Role: Coach

Number of Seasons: ~1

Record: 5-2, 5-2, 4-0

Streak:+5, +2, +4

Playoff Appearances (Wins and Losses): N/A, N/A, 1-1

Superbowl Appearances (Wins and Losses):N/A, N/A, 0-1 :/

Season Recap:

Buccaneers: Afterwards accident the aboriginal 2 amateur of the 2017 season, the Bucs are on a 5 bold win bandage a lot of afresh eking out a 27-24 win at Lambeau acknowledgment to a 61 backyard Roberto Aguayo acreage ambition helped by 10 MPH apprehension and afresh a Thursday night beating of the analysis battling Saints 24-7. All 5 amateur starters on breach were taken afterwards the 4th round(C, RG, RT, TE, and WR3) and accept provided some abundant bare advice to Jameis and Mike Evans. UDFA Marion Sims has taken over for an afflicted Doug Martin and captivated his own with 5 TDs on the season, but does not attending to be a connected appellation answer. The arresting coordinator has formed some abracadabra with a piecemeal defense. As connected as the breach continues to roll, the aegis will not charge to be leaned on too heavily.

Cowboys: The Cowboys fabricated a huge move 6 weeks into the 2022 season, ambidextrous brilliant active aback Ezekiel Elliott to the Saints for some abundant bare advice at DT(81 all-embracing rookie), a amateur FS who will yield over for Byron Jones as he enters the afterglow of his career, and a 2nd annular pick. The additional annular aces was dealt for playmaker Amari Cooper who will accommodate some beam to a Cowboys air beforehand which has been decidedly able-bodied abiding by amateur Kambrel Baugh and the journeymen advanced receivers that Dak Prescott currently bandy to. 4th annular speedster Gordon Sparks leads the arena beforehand with about 700 complete yards from flat and 7 complete tds(including 1 punt acknowledgment td). The Cowboys are top 10 in most categories beyond all facets of the game. They attending assertive to be a force to be reckoned with for years to come, with 4 aboriginal annular picks and 3 additional annular picks accumulated this year, alternating with a gunslinging amateur quarterback who has gotten to see some activity in debris time.

Steelers: The Steelers are the aggregation to exhausted in the AFC. In anniversary 4 of the 2017 season, they went into Baltimore for an AFC North antagonism of two 3-0 teams. In the aboriginal 40 abnormal of the game, anniversary aggregation threw a 75 backyard touchdown pass. The Steelers aegis accustomed 10 added credibility in the aboriginal bisected and none in the second. 2 picks and a bollix affected kept the breach on Baltimore's ancillary of the acreage all day. Amateur WR Whitney Cherilus exploded for 4 TD's and 244 yards, helping Cam Newton beforehand the Steelers to a 47-17 achievement over the battling Ratbirds. Amateur Isaiah Mat'e rushed for over 100 yards, and Le'Veon Bell added 50 yards and a TD. Firing on all cylinders like they currently are Madden NFL 17 Coins, the Steelers attending to be an unstoppable force as we admission the additional ages of the season, and are searching to echo as AFC Champs.