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NFL - Who was the best QB

I anticipation it would be absorbing to see NFL 17 Coins who was the best QB by anniversary aspect in the game.

Awareness: Tom Brady(99)

Speed: Tyrod Taylor(89)

Acceleration: Tyrod Taylor(92)

Agility(tie): Trevone Boykin, Joe Webb, Russell Wilson(93)

Strength: Ben Roethlisberger(82)

Elusiveness: Cam Newton(85)

Ball Carrier Vision: Cam Newton(96)

Carrying: Cam Newton(81)

Juke Move(tie): Trevone Boykin, Cam Newton(89)

Spin Move: Cam Newton(87)

Stiff Arm: Cam Newton(82)

Trucking: Cam Newton(76)

Catching: Ryan Tannehill(76)

Catch in Traffic: Ryan Tannehill(70)

Spectacular Catch: Ryan Tannehill(78)

Route Running: Ryan Tannehill(62)

Release: Ryan Tannehill(73)

Jumping: Joe Webb(95)

Throw Power: Matthew Stafford(98)

Throw Accurateness Short: Tom Brady(99)

Throw Accurateness Mid: Tom Brady(97)

Throw Accurateness Deep: Aaron Rodgers(89)

Throw on the Run: Aaron Rodgers(97)

Play Action: Tom Brady(99)

Pass Blocking(tie): EJ Manuel, Ryan Tannehill(35)

Run Blocking: Ryan Fitzpatrick(54)

Impact Blocking: Robert Griffin III(51)

Tackle: Ben Roethlisberger(57)

Hit Power: Dak Prescott(40)

Block Shedding(tie): Ben Roethlisberger, Jameis Winston(45)

Finesse Moves(tie): Kellen Clemens/Ryan Nassib(20)

Power Moves(tie): Kellen Clemens/Ryan Nassib(20)

Man Coverage: Robert Griffin III(27)

Zone Coverage(tie): Sam Bradford, Blaine Gabbert, Robert Griffin III, Matt McGloin, Phillip Rivers, Matt Schaub, Alex Tanney(31)

Press(tie): Robert Griffin III, Geno Smith, Tyrod Taylor(15)

Play Recognition(tie): Drew Brees, Blaine Gabbert, Matt McGloin, Matt Schaub, Alex Tanney(32)

Pursuit: Cam Newton(55)

Kick Power: Ryan Tannehill(68)

Kick Accuracy: Ryan Tannehill(72)

Kick Return: Joe Webb(75)

Stamina: Tom Brady(99)

Injury(tie): Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, Matt Ryan(98)

That's what was added hasty to me :P I knew that he was a adapted WR, Buy Madden 17 Coins but his Punting/Kicking stats were bigger than I anticipation they would be.

It's in actuality crazy that he's abandoned been arena QB for a scattering of years.