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Who's a WR you adulation in Madden 17? For me it's Quincy Enunwa. Whenever I've acclimated him he's been so consistent, makes amazing plays and has abundant RAC ability. Anyone abroad accept a admired WR in Madden 17?

Robby Anderson is air-conditioned simple to barter for Madden NFL 17 Coins in franchise, his dispatch and acme accomplish for a baleful combo, additional huge xp addition if I can handle a analysis with him as my WR1.

Use the bits out of him but from the slot. Get on advancement the abrasion though. He has been aching every analysis at atomic already until I got him up in the 90s on injury.

Tyreek Hill. Not abandoned was he a abundant WR, but he had at atomic 1000 PR yards and 2-4 PR TDs every year for me in my All-Madden CFM league.

His OVR was bumped up a while back, but afore afresh it was ridiculously simple to barter for him. Not abiding about now, but shouldn't be too hard.

Mike Thomas, NOT Michael Thomas from the Saints. Mike Thomas is a PS'er on the Rams. 6'1, 88SPD, 89ACC, 91JMP. His communicable stats are in the top 70s, and he's got an 88spec Catch.

He's aswell acceptable with the brawl in his hands, with 80BCV, 80JKM, and a 79KR rating. Add this to the actuality that he has all three communicable ancestry (RAC, Aggro, Possession) and is abandoned 22 years old, he can be developed air-conditioned quickly.

I alive him off the Rams PS in my Jets authorization afterwards Decker went down with an injury. in Anniversary 2. He was relegated to my #4 WR, but if Brandon Marshall suffered a aching sternum in Anniversary 4, Thomas was beforehand into the starting calendar and proceeded to in actuality atom the Seahawks accessory for 137yds and 2TDs. He aswell took a WR ambit 33 yards to the house. Aback that bold I've been in adulation with him.

Tre McBride of the Titans plays able-bodied aloft his OVR class. I run a lot of banal h2h, during my contempo 50+ Titans phase, he consistently could acquisition his way accessible and accomplish abundant catches.

By alive with Matthews at 1, McBride at 2 (and consistently to my appropriate as is the absence this year) and Wright in the 3 (with some ambiguity in agglomeration sets) I am able to run a actual able casual breach breadth McBride can abstract the top off the aegis and aswell get acceptable catches over the average on slants.

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