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Jun-11-2017 Categories: news

Hello All, just capital to allotment some of my thoughts and some of the advice that we accept abstruse from this year's EA Play appropriately far.

1,"18 changes: Hit stick confused off of X, has no calefaction seeker, is all on RS and has high/low hit/cut stick options. Accept to be lined up by user and "Hit stick controls plan if authoritative blockers RS up appulse block. RS down cut. On Aegis RS up abstract up blocker. RS down submarine" Let's alpha off by adage this, already afresh this is something that is accepting afflicted BACK to how it was in a antecedent adaptation of madden. The accident actuality is if you remember, X or Square formed abundant online due to lag and latency, about the hit stick with R-stick never formed due to lag. So actuality is to acquisitive it works this year (kind of how they said blame would accept no lag in this version.)

2,"Off brawl injuries are in"

Should we be aflame for this? This should be a given? They accumulate aloof about things that should be accessible in the game. But hey I can't accuse at atomic now it will add a added astute feel to authorization (must backpack added than 5 lineman).

3,"Coaching Adjustments" such as cornerback matches, how to play brawl in air, how to play the option, as able-bodied as how your aggregation rushes the passer" Hey guys attending at all this new stuff...Wait a additional this is accepting we accept apparent before...in antecedent maddens! Able-bodied already afresh not aggravating to be Debbie affliction but appear on guys you can't just yield accepting out and add it afresh claiming it to be new. Not to acknowledgment this was added as a “FRANCHISE MOST WANTED PART 1” ARE YOU KIDDING ME, this is gameplay not franchise! Such a cop out, that they are traveling to use this as 1 of 2 things they are claiming to add to this year's madden franchise. Yes, this is abundant for us anger gamers that it is accepting added aback in. Still recycled.

4,The new WR/DB Mechanics, basically you accept new columnist interactions, new cuts new vs DB Controls.

This is all new, as a anger amateur the abutting affair we accept had to this was the mini drills in anger breadth you were one on one in coverage. It was not this in abyss which is exciting. There accept to be a accomplished new action traveling on with the WR/CB which is a abundant addition. But as a accidental anger player, this seems to be added acquainted appear MUT Squads and MUT. Yes, it is accessible in all bold modes but why go into so abundant detail at just these positions and boilerplate else?

Then they go and say it is accessible in all modes but obviously, it seems like this is tailored appear MUT Squads, yay.


If you accept played Anger EVER before, this approach accept to be a letdown. This is carefully advised to accompany new players to the game, o and they SPENT 4 YEARS TO MAKE THIS! Abbreviate explanation, you alpha as a academy amateur and plan your way to the pros through cut scenes and flashbacks. All of this arch up to the draft, o and afresh it stops, congrats, in Anger NFL football you do not play any NFL amateur in the story. Thanks.

6,"Player likeliness"

Sleeves accept been anchored (well some sleeves, (ie Andrew Lucks T-shirt sleeves) there will be NO bedlam sleeves (Carson Wentz). One affair I do accept Is authoritative a advance is MOUTHGAURDS. Why do I say this, in a acknowledgment to a cheep of Ezekiel Elliot anyone asked breadth his mouthgaurd was, his acknowledgment was “Zeke doesn't abrasion a mouthgaurd” which would accept been a abundant time to shoot mouthgaurds down so this is a adequate assurance in my opinion.

As a archetypal anger amateur it is accepting acutely arresting watching anger just recycle old actualization as new actualization and acting like we should be arch over heels for them. They accept been quoted adage that authorization did not get abundant attention due to the new Engine and Adventure mode. This is infuriating that they would do this, they affirmation to accept software tracking which bold modes are played a lot of and are a lot of popular. With that accepting said they affirmation Authorization is the most popular, yet they accord it the atomic bulk of attention. As a anger amateur for over 18 years it depresses me to see MUT and Madden NFL 18 Coins added modes that accomplish them added money yield antecedence over what the gamers in actuality ambition to see in the game.

These are just my opinions and I bet I accept absent a agglomeration of things and I will get adapted on a lot. It has just been acutely arresting accepting EA cogent us to adjournment for EA play for advice and afresh they accord us annihilation that we want to here.