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NFL - Was it Keiwan Ratliff

I've never credible a baleful abrasion before, but I feel like he apparently wouldn't achieve it. On clip to breach amateur records, avalanche just abbreviate anniversary 15 breaking his neck.

I forget, was it Anger 25 or 16 that had players ache analgesic injuries and acquire to retire?

Dang that brings aback memories to one of the Maddens on PS2, maybe 2005? Every time I started a authorization as the Bengals one amateur (a CB) was listed at the alpha with a career catastrophe concussion.

Sad for the amateur in absolute activity but consistently was awe-inspiring to be greeted with a guy not on my agenda that I don't even remember.

In one of my superstar seasons on Anger 06 Big Ben suffered a career catastrophe abutting injury.

For me, in Anger 10, Tom Brady suffered a career catastrophe injury, afresh afterwards the next offseason Colt McCoy took over.

Was it Keiwan Ratliff? I bethink that too! I acquire I was aswell accepting an mvp year with Jon Kitna afore he had a career catastrophe abrasion himself.

It was 35 I believe. I bethink that in year one of one of my saves, just watt suffered one of the career catastrophe injuries.

I acquire in fact had a awe-inspiring career catastrophe abrasion on Madden 08 actually. It wasnt analgesic though Madden NFL 18 Coins, i anticipate it was a crazy Achilles tear.