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NFL - This was a NFL rule

Does Madden acquiesce the attenuate and odd fair bolt kick? I just begin out that this was a NFL rule. It is absolutely odd and hasn't been attempted aback the 80's.

For those who don't apperceive the rule: Basically if you acquire a fair bolt on a punt or kick, you can acquaint the refs that you wish a fair bolt bang and you can bang a acreage ambition from breadth you bent it.

There is no breeze so you get to be 7 yards afterpiece and the aegis can't block it.

The rules are like a alpha breadth the aegis has to angle 10 yards away, but if you accomplish it through the cocked you get 3 points.

I anticipate this could be cardinal at the end of the bisected or the end of the game.

If there is almost time on the clock, and you're down 3 afterwards the opposing aggregation has to punt and you fair bolt it abreast the 50.

It would absolutely be rare, but it could happen.

You'd acquire a bigger adventitious of authoritative it if it is 7 yards closer, no defense, no bad snap, the article can yield his time.

Is the fair bolt bang an advantage in madden? If not it should be.

As far as I apperceive this is not in madden, nor acquire I anytime heard of it in the NFL but I would adulation to see it happen and Buy Madden 17 Coins.