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NFL - The Nintendo Switch releases Madden NFL 18

Tony Gonzalez was in 5 ancestors of Madden video games. I was cerebration about who was in the a lot of Cheap Madden Coins ancestors of Madden video games, and Tony Gonzalez came to mind.

He played for 17 NFL seasons, from 1997 through 2013.

The aboriginal bold he was featured in was Madden NFL 98, which was the endure Madden arise for the Super Nintendo. That Madden was arise for the accessible 1997 season. He was in every Madden afterwards that, until Madden NFL 25, the Madden released for the 2013 season, which was the aboriginal Madden bold for the PS4 and XB1.

So he was featured on the 4th bearing of video abecedarian (SNES, Genesis), 5th (PS1, SS, N64), 6th (PS2, Xbox, GC), 7th (PS3, X360, Wii), and 8th (PS4, XB1, Wii U).

I don't apperceive if y'all acquisition that as alluring as I do, but as anyone who's played Madden aback the SNES days, I anticipation that was absolute absorbing info. Needless to say, it's aswell a attestation to TG's illustrious and diffuse career.

Wow that's cool! Will go attending for him in my M98 emulator. I just did that myself! He's the aboriginal Tight End listed on the Chiefs abyss chart. He's listed as "88 GONZALEZ", haha.

Is Tony G the abandoned one? Adam Vinatieri in actuality played the year afore Tony was drafted, so he'd abatement into this class as well...and Adam is still active!

But of course! Wow! How can I forget? If he can accumulate playing, we may see him on the PS5! That's possible. He still had a appealing adequate year, not bad for a 44-year old. He and Tony arise to be the abandoned players alive from 1997 through 2013.

If Brady ceremoniousness his 6-7 added years of amphitheatre prediction, he'll apparently tie Gonzalez with 5 ancestors of Madden. Like clockwork, the PS5, and the next Xbox will arise out aural that time anatomy with Madden.

Or if the Nintendo Switch releases Madden NFL 18(Madden NFL 18 Coins), Brady will tie Gonzalez, aback that's already the alpha of the accepted bearing of video games.