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NFL - The NFL is all about the absolute dollar

Bigger section of annual (or at atomic maybe annual to me) is a brace replies down area he states that Madden is not accustomed to put arch injuries into the game. It's not that they don't ambition to but it seems that the NFL will not let them.

I'm apprehensive why arch injuries aren't allowed. In all seriousness, I'm abiding it's because the NFL will not let them, but I anticipate they should use it to accession awareness, Madden Mobile Coins in all honesty.

Though absolutely the NFL doesn't ambition acquaintance that concussions are a allotment of football, it's not acceptable PR. By befitting it out of Anger that's just one added way to accumulate it out of the minds of fans.

There is aswell apparently some attack actuality to try and awning their asses from accepting sued in the future. I beggarly go attending at the Anger 2000 into video/song compared to what we see today in Madden.

By removing concussions the alliance can try and say they are attempting to not acclaim big hits and alarming hits.

I will accept that this is a appealing contemptuous yield on the accomplished affair and abandoned I accede with you but the NFL is all about the absolute dollar, and it's not acceptable business to admonish your chump abject of the one big affair with your product.

I beggarly be like Shell accepting to put a annual of their oil spills on every one of their gas pumps to accession acquaintance for Madden 17 Coins the dangers of gasoline.