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Oct-11-2017 Categories: news

Just capital to let anybody apperceive that this will be my final Madden game. I am affairs it aback to GameStop today afterwards a few acutely black months of arena an inferior Madden game.

I accept bought Madden every individual year aback I was a little kid and aboriginal got 2004 with the Madden Legend Mike Vick on the cover of Madden NFL 18 Coins.

If EA decides to affliction about annihilation abroad added than MUT in this franchise, I will acquiescently hop aback aboard. Until then, I debris to pay and I advance others that don't affliction about ultimate aggregation do the same.

Madden has been traveling decline the endure few installations, but this one is aboveboard terrible.

Not to acknowledgment the arrant lies. They didnt fix blocking, appraisement doesnt bulk as there is no aberration amid Aaron Rodgers and Mark Sanchez if the AI uses them, advantage still is abominable (the press/release actualization are appealing air-conditioned though).

Unfortunately, my adulation for football causes me to absolve affairs Madden every year aback its the abandoned NFL game.

I mentioned in accession cilia how MUT is bankrupt for me because it doesn't bulk if I use a 60 all-embracing QB or 99, ratings don't bulk (not just at that position, just an example).

Why get aflame if you get a "good" pull? It in actuality makes little to no difference. I got downvoted to hell but it looks like you didn't, maybe the bodies who downvoted me are assuredly acumen the truth?

I'm a authorization approach guy myself, never blow MUT. It sounds like its the exact aforementioned admitting in agreement of what youre talking about. Appraisement doesnt arise to bulk in the game.

I accept abhorrent tackles that are 88 ovr and accord up about 3-4 sacks a game. Yet the AI has a LT with a 73 ovr that can shut down the a lot of aristocratic canyon rushers. Its just broken.

I still accept Madden 18 and accept endemic every Madden bold aback genesis. If they don't focus on Authorization for M19 I will not bother crumbling my money.

Until players stop affairs they will not change. It's crazy to anticipate you'd ambition to absorb what the consumers in actuality want. Until the basal band is afflicted annihilation will change sadly.

I buy the bold about abandoned for authorization mode, and the accomplished few years it's gotten out of ascendancy with how little abyss the approach has. It's traveling decline complete quickly. It is complete bright that they don't affliction about authoritative a acceptable game, they just ambition to achieve all their money through MUT microtransactions.

Funny how Madden 07 was 10000x added in abyss than the endure 5 years of Madden aback the accession to MUT. No added RFA rounds. No coordinators or retired players advancing aback as coaches.

No create-a play, team/stadium/jersey anything. It's sad to see. I ambition PS4 was accordant with PS2 because Madden 07 was one of the best.