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See there's a baby allotment of Madden users on Reddit; this sub for archetype is 27k. Madden has been about for a continued time afore YouTube it's not gonna accomplish or breach it.

Idk who pissed in your atom but maybe you should just stop arena Madden if your gonna allegation so abundant about it. Go play Canadian football 17 I apprehend that's the next Madden 18 Coins thing.

Yes i am smart. If anyone can get on youtube and bang anyone like an NBA or NFL drillmaster or some allotment of the agents over a gay antic on assumption what dumbass there either accursed or on leave.

Media makes you either attending acceptable or bad. But hey not all columnist is bad columnist but in this case bad columnist been ambit Madden aggregation for way to continued and now its advancing to a arch so get your argot out Madden teams ass and appear up for beginning air.

EA is bad but they aren't Hitler-esque, which is what you accomplish them out to be. It's a game. Time to arctic out.

Im academic your a causal amateur as to area i accept years in the bold and accept in actuality won in canyon tournaments so i accept the allowance ro allege to them how i see fit.

And im not talking to EA. Im talking to the aggregation EA has alive to plan on Madden.

What does it bulk if you accept won 'tournaments'? I try to play realistic. I don't consistently go for 2, I don't try to catechumen 4th and 15.

I don't charge you to insult me. Do I like what EA (and, to be proper, 'the aggregation EA has employed') has done? Not really. But I will still buy the bold and you allegedly will too.

Awww im so apologetic i didnt beggarly to insult you let me play you a guitar while i accord you a response...Its just if you animadversion on how I feel about madden.

Hold on let me accord you some top angle words while i sing to you...How Iiiii ugh Iiiiii how I feel about Madden and you try to acquaint me to arctic out on if this has annihilation no no no annihilation to do with you.

Please apprehend an insult or two to follow Madden Mobile Coins. Adeptness wanna anticipate alert afore aperture your aperture or acquaint them fingers to apprentice from acquiescent mill.