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NFL - Targeting Madden NFL accounts

No EA agent is in fact traveling through anniversary user account, and 'targeting accounts'. That doesn't plan for an app with a user-base of this size...

They acceptable accept an automatic action that is abatement accounts based off of AH history, Madden NFL 18 Coins and/or how bound bread amounts grew. There were apparently a baby subset of humans that were invalidly flagged. Hopefully it's retroactively fixed.

It seems as admitting it isn't just 'User had X coins' as there are humans who accept $1-2m and haven't been banned, and humans who had $800k and were banned.

So far? There seems to be a few things accident in this ban wave:

- A lot of banned users accept mentioned accepting 'multiple accounts'... Not abiding if a banderole gets set if the app notices a specific bulk of sign-ins from altered usernames.

- If a user consistently lists a brownish amateur for 1+million, and it getting purchased every time... it acceptable flags the account. This is how users were buying, and affairs coins. This action hasn't afflicted in years.

- With EA's latest blog post, they assume to be absolutely absorption on endlessly 'unfair gameplay' which indicates they've acceptable amorphous abatement accounts that arise to be botting the bargain house. For example, jailbroken users accept been accepted to use auto-click tweaks in the accomplished to abstract players.

- If a user is somehow traveling from >100,000 to 3,000,000 in the bulk of a few hours... there's a top anticipation they purchased coins. I'm abiding EA didn't banderole on a individual accident of this, and their action looks at your coin, play time, and AH history.

I don't fit any of those actually.

- I've alone anytime had 1 annual of the endure 4 years.

- I've never awash a bronze, argent or gold amateur for added than boilerplate bazaar value.

- I've never botted at all. I've been actual articulate about getting anti-bot here. I was allotment of the witch coursing if ZtheZ was outed as a botter.

- I steadily climbed from 0-8 actor over the aboriginal 2 months the bold was out by affairs low and affairs high. I awash my GOAT Bo Jackson afore MF and was up to 12 actor and again bought a agglomeration of MF gold and awash them all afterwards the events were done which put me at about 14.5 million.

Other than if I awash GOAT Bo I've never mad added than a brace hundred thousand on a individual card. I did go through bags of cards the aboriginal few months with Buy Low/Sell Top though.