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NFL - Something agnate happened to me in Madden

Anyone got some air-conditioned belief they'd like to allotment that Madden NFL 18 Coins happened in authorization mode? If not a adventure just annihilation you'd like tell?

I was arena a guy in my 16 man CFM alliance already and he got frustrated, ran off abandon to block my added point, blocked it and my lineman best it up and ran it in for 2. I acutely beneath the amends and let him Live with his decision.

In my 49ers offline authorization which I've been arena for about 8 seasons I drafted active aback in the 5th round. He was ok, had like a 72 all-embracing with 95 speed.

The next analysis I concluded up acid him because I already had a ton of abyss at active back.

Before the analysis starts he gets active by the Seahawks, and everytime I play the Seahawks he in fact destroys me.

He's had a alpha return, a 50 backyard awning for a TD , a 93 backyard hasty TD and abundant more. He abandoned gets a few touches a bold but he in fact destroys my aegis everytime he has the ball.

Not a crazy adventure but I anticipation it was funny.

Something agnate happened to me. I traded my crumbling QB afterwards I drafted anyone younger. I traded him to the Steelers (I was the Bengals), and he puts up batty stats adjoin me every time I play adjoin him.

What's the best abandoned abstract you've anytime had?

Mine was in a authorization area I confused the chargers the Portland. I got the best amateur in the abstract in annular 1 at OLB. He's now a 99 all-embracing with maxed canyon hasty stats and 90+ speed.

I begin two MLBs in the 6th and 7th circuit that were the 16th and 17th best players in the draft.

Ones a 99 all-embracing and the added is a 93. I run a 3-4 and my aegis dominates. It's at the point area I'm like the 2006 Chicago bears.

My aggregation has in fact won amateur afterwards scoring a abandoned abhorrent point because my aegis gets at atomic 1 TD or assurance per bold and gets abutting to casting a shut out consistently.

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