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Dec-01-2017 Categories: news

Here are some things that bother me about this game:

Punts returns

Has anyone abroad been agitated by punt returns? The opponents aggregation would punt the brawl off to me, I would acreage the brawl with bright blocks advanced of me, and afresh the amateur who is declared to block the abutting gunner just runs appropriate accomplished him to get anyone up acreage and I am anon tackled. I accept this affair if I'm accustomed the brawl with one acquaintance and two defenders. I acquisition my acquaintance consistently goes afterwards the extreme apostle and leaves the abutting one to accouterment me.

Awful run blocking

I usually play with the Saints. As you know, they are accepting a celebrated analysis alive the brawl because of the abhorrent bandage play. This analysis they are alive the brawl absolute generally and it is consistent in wins. I am interception decumbent so

I try to carbon this strategy. As anon as the brawl is snapped, my absolute absolute abhorrent bandage is allow abreast and I accept 3 arresting lineman draft up my alive aback abaft the bandage of scrimmage. This botheration happens with every aggregation I play with.

Screen passes

This includes both advanced receiver screens and alive aback screens. For archetype I would alarm a alive aback awning on 2nd and 8. I apperceive this play will plan because the opposing aggregation is assuming assault and that usually agency either a assurance or cipher is accoutrement the RB. I breeze the ball, analyze that cipher is accoutrement my RB and get accessible to bandy it for simple yards. But I can't, because he got ashore on an abhorrent lineman so I yield a huge sack. For advanced receiver screens,

I can't even analyze if the reciever is accessible because the camera bend does not appearance the reciever. A lot of of the time, the bend calmly sheds the block and is cat-and-mouse to aces it off. And if by some miracle, he catches the ball, it takes him consistently to get affective upfield and by the time he gets accomplished the bandage of collapsed a assurance is there to accomplish a tackle.


4th and 5, bold on the line, I accept a column avenue alleged for Michael Thomas. I bead back, see that he is advanced accessible and blaze the brawl to him. It's caught, he seems to accept ascendancy for ages, somebody hits him and he drops it. Bold over.

Then I get to apprehend the analyst acquaint me that “the acquaintance agape the brawl free” this bold is broken, you charge to be WIDE OPEN to bolt a brawl because if I bandy a contested brawl to Julio Jones over Nickell Robey-Coleman, Julio better accomplish that catch.

And one added thing:

WHY DO THEY FORCE CHARLES DAVIS AND BRANDON GAUDIN TO HYPE UP LARRY RIDLEY! I would skip the “halftime show” because it's a catnap fest, and I don't charge some guy to epitomize the bold that I just played. And I get to apprehend Charles Davis go: “I assumption somebody was in a hurry, you're missing Larry Ridley” or “you're missing my mannn LR”. Is Larry Ridley some can't absence actor or some affectionate of football ability who can accurately adumbrate the aftereffect of the game? No, he's just a guy with a sorta air-conditioned articulation anecdotic the plays that I just accomplish 3 account earlier. This one gets me for some reason.

The endure one is a bit of a stretch to buy Madden 18 Coins, but I could go on about this bold forever. Who abroad has had these problems or problems of this nature?