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NFL - Some allegation a bit of a rebuild

FLGMadden is searching for some alive associates for the accessible season. We are currently gluttonous some new associates for the accessible division (season 5). We are currently in the agrarian agenda annular of playoffs adapted now so you will be able to get a little bit of aloof done afore the draft.

We are a sim alliance that about averages about 26 users, but we are searching to accretion added alive members, we adopt mature,fun,competitive users.

Rules We accept a basal set of rules for a sim alliance which you can acquisition here.

League info: We use baggy to communicate.

8 minute abode (All Madden), we use custom bold and xp sliders, 3 day advances, but if anybody plays their bold we can beforehand early. We accept developed a affable ambiance and would adopt to abstain users that are toxic. You can trash talk, but don't go aloft and aloft to be an asshole.

How to accompany if you are absorbed in abutting you can either animadversion on this cilia or advanced me a PM with your email (for slack), which aggregation you would like and your gamertag, or you can PM me with any questions about the league. Already you get added to the baggy babble you may be asked to play a attack game.

Current teams available: A lot of of the rosters were at one point managed by a player, so some of them are added aggressive than the other, some allegation a bit of a rebuild. We would aswell adopt if AFC were to get added users as NFC is the tougher appointment and we would like to antithesis it out. Also, the alliance began with a fantasy draft, so the rosters are acutely altered as a result. But you’re acceptable to about-face teams (before you play a game) if you don’t like your team.












We are a committed accumulation of humans and a lot of of us are searching to abide into Madde 18(Madden 18 Coins), so if you wish to be a allotment of a solid long-running alliance shoot me a pm.