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NFL - Should I get Madden 18

Played Madden 16, mostly MUT. And although it was about good, I struggled to get bigger at it. Added than that, slight gameplay issues actuality and there.

Do humans anticipate it's annual to get it for players who didnt play 17'? And the GOAT copy for that matter? Or just delay until its arise and prices go down.

I came from mlb 17 and hated the servers and gameplay issues so hopefully thats not how it is for Madden 17.

The jump from 16 to 18 could be appealing amazing from what humans accept said about the bold that went to EA. If you adulation football, of beforehand you should buy it.

Would you anticipate to get the dupe copy or get the approved and use the aberration in bulk for the in bold currency.

I'm traveling to be honest, I don't absorb money on the ingame currency. It's a terrible, anti-consumer business convenance and affairs it alone allows them to accumulate accomplishing it.

But, if you do buy ingame currency, don't get the GOAT edition.

Yea i don't do that either normally, but i didnt apperceive if dupe was added annual than just affairs the currency.

And Do i get Madden 18 for chargeless if i get ea access?

After like 9 months of it accepting available, so about March of next year. You get it for 10 hours a anniversary afore release, afresh you accept to buy it.

If I preordrer the GOAT copy ... do you anticipate I will aces my GOAT while aboriginal admission or accept to delay 22nd?

Good Luck.

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