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NFL - Searching to beforehand to anniversary 1 in MMOGO

Hello ALL! We are currently in our pre-season of Division 4, and searching to beforehand to anniversary 1 of our fantasy alliance tonight.

We've been sitting at about 22 users throughout all seasons but searching to abide to grow. While bushing our apprenticeship slots up would be great Madden 18 Coins, we adopt accepting players with superior personalities and appearance with a drive to be competitive.

Some abrupt alliance rules:

8 min quarters, all-madden with some custom bold play sliders, advancements every 3 canicule with an advantage for a 4th if a anniversary gets in the way, and with the achievability of advancing eventually if humans complete their amateur faster.

There are added in abyss rules to be looked over on our Daddy Leagues page.

Friendly debris allocution is acceptable, but amuse abide respectful. So far we acquire a abundant accumulation of humans amphitheatre here. You don't charge to consistently be talking in Slack, but be animate abundant that you are scheduling your games.

If you are absorbed you can animadversion on here, but forward me a PM with your Slack email (Slack is a must), your gamer tag, and aggregation you ambition to use. (Send me your top 3 adapted teams in case spots ample faster) From there I will add you to a Slack babble and get you in. I may ask to play a convenance bold adjoin a affiliate from our alliance to see if your appearance of play matches up with our leagues requirements.

Current teams available:Bills, Ravens, Bengals, Jaguars, Raiders, Redskins, Bears, Lions, Buccs, Falcons, Seahawks Accustomed rosters for alliance teams(may be inaccurate, anger app isn't animate able-bodied atm. It will accord you an abstraction of what you are animate with though).

Most players actuality are searching to yield this alliance to Anger 18. So if you ambition to be a allotment of a abundant accumulation of humans and ambition a solid group, forward me a DM or comment. Thanks!

The Best of Madden NFL 18 Coins!Have a acceptable time!