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Apr-05-2017 Categories: news

I drafted one of the best d band players I acquire seen. It's an offline cfm, arena as the Raiders. He concluded up accepting arresting amateur of the year, and the sack baton from the 43 LE position. I'm apprehensive what the best way to use 72,000 Xp, and acquire him as a de on the added ancillary of Mack.

Maxey Wagner 6'7 288 brilliant progression 76 dispatch 88 dispatch 83 activity 88 backbone 66 prc 85 pmvs 64 fnmvs 85 block abode 88 accouterment 96 Hit Adeptness 82 following 76 jump 83 backbone 92 injury I'm conflicted about the xp. Absorb some on concrete attributes?

He seems a little apathetic to be a DE, but I acceptance you can accumulate him there if you're accepting success with him. What I would do is move him to DT, buy the Balderdash Assault trait, and put all of your xp into adeptness move and block shed. You apparently acquire abundant to get both of those stats to top 90s or even 99. He'll be a force in the run and canyon bold for you.

That is one of the two things I anticipation about, the added is application 30,000 to get him to 80, or 81 speed, afresh giving him swim, and the circuit move, and afresh application the abstract on fnmvs and blockshedding. Plus abacus some to play rec. and pursuit. I ambition to use it to accomplish him as acceptable as possible, and set him up for approaching awards- he still has 2 seasons to accretion a lot of xp.

It's candidly up to you. Play your bold the way you like it. 76 dispatch is 3-4 DE/4-3 DT speed. If you attending at players like Suh and Marcell Dareus, they are appealing apathetic at beneath than 80 speed, but they acquire over 85 adeptness move. Hasty from the central with a apathetic apostle can be just as able as hasty alfresco with a guy like Mack or Von Miller. No bulk area you adjudge to use him, max out adeptness move and blockshed because they are your a lot of important stats and aswell buy the balderdash assault trait.

People acquire activated it and they begin that accepting 99 adeptness move and 99 acumen move on the aforementioned amateur is the aforementioned as accepting abandoned one of them at 99. You're basically crumbling xp if you absorb it on convalescent his acumen move because if you acquire lets say 85 adeptness move and 85 acumen move, you're guy is traveling to do one or the added and they both acquire the aforementioned adventitious of success because they're at the aforementioned rating. Your players adeptness move is 21 credibility academy than his acumen move! You would acquire to absorb so abundant xp just go get it on par with his adeptness move and with that xp, you could just admission his adeptness move to 95+.

The a lot of important stats for a arresting lineman are blockshed, canyon assault stat, play rec, and tackle. Blockshed to stop the run, canyon assault is canyon rush, play rec so they don't get bamboozled on play activity and screens, and accouterment so they don't breach your tackle. Your guy is traveling to be arena at the band of collapsed a lot of the time unless you bead him into advantage for some reason, so following isn't that important.

Like I said at the end of the day it's your bold and your best how you ambition to beforehand him. All I beforehand is maxing out his adeptness move because putting credibility into acumen move would be a decay of Madden NFL 18 Coins xp because you abandoned charge one canyon assault move on a player.