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Jun-16-2017 Categories: news

Blount at is a joke. I anticipate a lot of Pats admirers would agree. He had blatant TD numbers, cutting up 18 afterwards alone award paydirt 32 times the Madden NFL 18 Coins antecedent 8 seasons combined, but he bootless the eye test.

I admiration if Travis Frederick deserves to be ranked higher. At 87 he is the alone centermost listed so far, but I anticipate arguably the top centermost in football should be ranked higher.

68 is way too low for Geno. He faces bifold and amateur teams all the time and still messes up bold plans. The added abyss and aptitude of our D-line this year will accomplish that added obvious.

I like the top 100 for the highlights, but they still put too abundant accent on name value.

Like some humans accept said: alex artisan and adobe matthews on the account is a joke. Same goes for blount. And a ton of guys listed are just wayy too low.

Top bank OL don't get any respect. Even some top superior DL are way too low. Campbell and Daniels are elite/very acceptable players and should be in the top 60.

This is consistently fun behindhand of how authentic it may or may not be, but I can't angle addition additional of Janoris Jenkins speaking gibberish through my monitor....

Adrian Peterson on the list. As the account absolutely has become too favoritable. By the NFL Network and not just the players, by the players.

Remember if Peyton Manning was afflicted and he was on the account in 50 in the 2017 NFL top 100? And he did not play?

Orakpo was my abstract drove the year he came out. I anticipation he was traveling to be a aggregation all pro blazon of guy. He hasn't absolutely been that, but he has been a accursed acceptable amateur for absolutely a Cheap NFL 18 Coins.