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NFL - My Dolphins breach was insane

What is the best offense/defense that you accept put calm in authorization mode? My Dolphins breach was insane.

The aboriginal year of chargeless agency, I got advantageous and OBJ was a chargeless agent. Gave him all he wanted Madden 17 Coins, aswell had Jarvis Landry allocution him into advancing to Miami. Aswell Dan Marino let him abrasion #13 if he promised a air-conditioned bowl.

Then the next year, ( I had traded Tannehill) I alive Derek Carr and traded for Lev Bell in chargeless agency.

Still the best breach I anytime had in authorization mode. Aswell why I haven't approved to do addition Dolphins one because it wouldn't top that.

In a 32 man CFM my Eagles D Band in division 7 is JJ Watt, Fletcher Cox, Linval Joseph, and Brandon Graham. In fact adulation it. And they all had sub 76 acceleration I bet.

Actually played in an acutely alive 32 man cfm league. Low acceleration on DEs is abominable if you ambition to break about competitive, whether its in MUT or CFM.

EDIT: Not just speed, but all concrete attributes like agil, accel, strength. They're all air-conditioned important to arresting lineman, and they all backslide acutely bound with age.

And all of those guys currently are in their mid/late 20s, and Madden is not affectionate to 30 year old arresting lineman. Or any 30 year olds for that matter.

Acceleration matters. Acceleration hardly matters. I had the 3rd ranked aegis for the year and had 3 shutouts, accomplished 13-3 and 1 berry in the NFC. So again, you're wrong.

But dont acquaint me you wouldnt yield a younger, quicker adaptation of khalil mack over an older, not as alive and able khalil mack.

So you'd accept to restart the alliance to get a adolescent adaptation of guys. Offseason afore division 6 I had the cap to assurance Watt and Joseph and fabricated the move.

Arguably the best D Band in the league, and took me from a 15-20 ranked D to top 3. Either way your aboriginal point is still moot.

Season 7 and Watt is still the #1 ranked DE and doesn't even charge to be usered to blitz the passer or stop the run.

Like I said, we disagree. And who knows. Maybe you just had an easier agenda the afterward year.

All Im adage is that concrete attributes are added admired to me than authentic canyon hasty talent. So I would rather abstract younger, added able-bodied talent, than assurance an complete starting D Band of 30 year olds. That doesnt accomplish me wrong, just means we disagree.

It does accomplish you amiss because the concrete ancestry of Lineman bulk a lot less. Graham has sub 80 backbone and still holds his own adjoin tackles and is able adjoin the run.

Your aboriginal animadversion was on their speed, that tells me already your arch is in the amiss abode if annual talent. Block shed, power, acumen moves all added important than backbone and acceleration lol.

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