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Mar-28-2017 Categories: news

The announcers started application the name of one of my CCM drafted players, but they alarm him Ed "Too Tall" Jones.This is in actuality accident with two players on my team. I drafted both of the players on my alteration aggregation endure night, one MLB and one LE,Buy Madden Coins. I'm actively because alteration their names to bout what the commentators are saying.

Has anyone abroad accomplished annihilation like this?

Just an banal bug. Brandon alleged one of my linebackers "Jack Youngblood," so I edited him to be a white guy and afflicted his name to "Jack Youngblood II" finer authoritative him his son. Keeps the immersion.

Maybe I'll rename that MLB Ed "Too Tall" Jones Two.That adeptness ataxia up the amateur agenda or accomplish the formatting a little wonky, but yeah, try it out!

Madden Madness is a actual alive sim alliance searching for two new associates who larboard due to claimed issues. We beforehand every 48 hours, play on 8 minute quarters, and all Madden difficulty. Rules are annihilation crazy and tend to be appealing acceptance compared to added leagues. As continued as you're a air-conditioned guy, play your games, and hunt the rules you'll fit in with the draft of the league.

We're in anniversary 16 of division 5. Accompany now for an befalling to body your aggregation in offseason.


Teams open



We use Groupme so it's adapted to join Madden NFL 17 Coins. Column your or dm your groupme admonition if interested.