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Jul-05-2017 Categories: news

Madden 18 is just beneath 2 months abroad and we haven't in actuality apparent annihilation yet. We in actuality haven't see annihilation from the bold no gameplay bivouac annihilation to actualize any affectionate of advertising for the game.

Does this anguish anyone that the bold ability in actuality be a agenda amend from 17?

I mean, they beeline came out NFL 18 Coins and said they apparently aren't authoritative any changes to CFM because of spending time on play no football adventure mode.

The added gameplay changes accept been gone over appealing able-bodied at Pastapadre and OperationSports, but for me, if they aren't even acclimation the bugs in CFM it is just an big-ticket agenda update.

What makes you anticipate you will not be arena football in longshot?

Because it's been confirmed. You will not play a alone bold in it this year because they ambition to "continue the story" next year. I candidly anticipate it was all an enormus decay of development.

What's been accepted is that you will not play any NFL games. Who's to say you will not play top school, college, or a adorning accord to accomplish your way aback into the NFL.

Guess I had the amiss info, thanks. The point about still stands that this is not a lot of content. Hell, NBA 2K gave out the aforementioned arrangement for their career approach for chargeless endure year.

I'm just aflame they're assuredly aggravating something new that isn't MUT related. It feels like a ton of their development time goes to that approach because it's such a banknote cow.

Loved Superstar approach aback in the day. Just feel like we aren't accepting that blazon of affair appropriate away.

I feel like authoritative Longshot the capital atraction to this year's bold will be a huge business mistake. I don't anticipate they'll bear the akin of agreeable we should expect.

I'm mainly online amateur the new adventure affair they are advancing out with seems like it could be air-conditioned if it runs calmly but I'm just afraid the bold is traveling to be identical to endure year's bold of Cheap Madden Coins but I assumption I will accept to adjournment til the bold comes out to see because they acutely aren't giving a gameplay trailer.