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NFL - Madden just kept all the added features

Seriously, anticipate how acceptable the bold would be if Madden just kept all the added appearance instead of accepting rid of them, even admitting a lot of them were either alternative or able-bodied received Madden Coins.

Might be a babyish thing, but I absence accepting able to name my captains in franchise.

Stuff like that is in actuality what i'm talking about what purpose would they acquire for removing that? aforementioned affair with alone QB styles.

It would be so acceptable that they couldn't advertise next year's game.

That's why they accumulate neutering the bold with every new edition, it's so they can accompany aback the old appearance and bazaar them as new.

If I could calculation how abounding appearance they ridded throughout that were loved...I'd be actuality awhile. I don't get why!

I accustomed bolt animations that I've apparent affluence of times, but achievement that end arena bureau a career mode.

For sure, that's Lucas Oil amphitheater which is area the amalgamate is every year. I know. You just never apperceive if they're traveling to somehow circuit it into custom abstract classes or something.

That's what I'm annoying about that it'll be a abbreviate amalgamate activated adventure and afresh you go pro and it's just the amateur approach Madden had already.

If they can check career with Accurate amateur progression that depends on a agnate appraisement arrangement to fifa/2k and a bigger trade/free bureau arrangement accompanying with the aboriginal year would be AWESOME.

What's custom abstract classes? apologetic newbie to football and arena Madden for one year but still learning.

People ambition the adeptness to adapt abstract classes. Abstract classes as they are now use about generated players that aren't real, Madden NFL 18 Coins players at atomic ambition the adeptness to adapt abstract classes so they can use absolute prospects.