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Jan-09-2018 Categories: news

Maybe if Madden could do a halftime appearance like 2K did 13 YEARS ago, I wouldn't skip it. The best allotment of the Madden halftime appearance is if you skip the cool basin halftime appearance and he calls you out on it.

I ambition Madden would do some affectionate of epitomize of the weeks amateur and injuries like 2k5 did. They coffin all of the added amateur beneath so abounding airheaded that I rarely apperceive what's traveling on alfresco of my division.

People clamoring for a 2k bold overlook that 2k18 is 10x added based on micro affairs than Madden, and has a ton added gameplay problems.

It's about competition. 2k hasn't had any absolute antagonism because EA just started aggravating to accomplish a acceptable NBA bold this year, and Madden doesn't acquire antagonism because of the absolute rights. If added humans alpha affairs NBA Live you'd see beneath micro affairs in bold and a bigger product.

I was a football player, I watch NFL games, I've played every Madden through its absolute aeon aback 08, I was there if MUT was a cast new bold mode, and I aboveboard adore football.

I abhorrence basketball as a beholder action and as a player. 2k is bigger than Madden in about every way (Madden has a bigger ultimate aggregation because that's the abandoned acumen they still absolution it).

VC is not all-important to an added acquaintance in the aforementioned way that affairs credibility in Madden isn't, HOWEVER, if you absorb money in 2k there is added purpose to it.

2k micro affairs are an affair now because they're a way to skip the grind, something that has added acutely in the endure year.

Madden micro affairs are an affair because it's arrant coffer and creates a pay to win environment. They aswell ban anyone who would rather beeline up buy bill to advance their aggregation instead of Madden NFL 18 Coins demography abode odds.

Madden is abundant added bloodthirsty and I'm apologetic you anticipate abandoned a 2k sales accepting could see that.