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Apr-16-2017 Categories: news

Madden can be fun for me until I alpha accepting guys that run the aforementioned three plays and apperceive you can't do annihilation to stop them. There isn't annihilation fun about ashamed plays, nano blitz, etc for me. I ambition to play a football bold not a min/max game.

I just played a bold as Carolina (as a die harder Panthers fan) adjoin the KC chiefs. He ran a 1-1-3 with all 5 out wide, from L->R streak, out, streak, in, in. No bulk the alarm something is consistently accessible because of the way Madden is coded, my accessory just refuses to awning the bridge routes and out OR they leave the streaks alone. Got it.

He's traveling to be cheap, I can deal, at atomic I got a few sacks. But I commonly had defenders in the breadth or in the flight aisle not go for the ball, what the heck?!

On my offense, able-bodied Carolina had a bad year so I assumption my receivers will not action for the ball, annihilation contested was an INT, including to Ted Ginn who would run accomplished them and afresh apathetic down while it was in the air or Greg Olsen who stopped in routes if the brawl was thrown. Great, acknowledgment for added INTs.

We concluded up with commensurable yardage but the about-face overs were insane, 12 and 4. Passes would artlessly animation off my receivers, endlessly on routes, slowing down on routes, an INT alternate to the two try and run out of bound and fumbled,what?

To top it off I threw a top canyon to Kelvin Benjamin (6'5") and he bent it, cardinal on the acreage was out of the aback of the end breadth &a no TD. I challenged and the cardinal was overturned, but it was 1st and 10 at the 47 and no TD.

At this point it was 31-20 in the 3rd quarter, not bad for the brainless bulk of about-face overs but it took the wind out of my basic players and they in actuality quit. Didn't bolt addition canyon (they all bounced or quit) and advantage played super soft.

TL:DR: bold seems buggier than release, Madden NFL 18 Coins top teams are imbalanced, we allegation a "I play Madden ambience (competitive)" & "I play a football bold ambience (social)" in bout making. Aswell /rant I use to adulation this bold but now I'm just frustrated.