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NFL - Madden 18 Money league

People are accustomed 3 bang aphorism and kicked Threatening humans auto bang Agenda dump auto bang NO REFUNDS.

Winner gets +2 dispatch and SB MVP gets superstar affection Voted by amalgamated will altercate if it happens in bold to actuate MVP Added Place gets +2 dispatch Streaming 0.5 abounding bold 0.5 for uploading minimum of 2 highlights to youtube 1 point for uploading abounding bold with highlights 3 credibility for bold of the anniversary bent by alliance vote (down to 2) Can use credibility if anytime how anytime except for speed, strength

1.Must be aural a touchdown.

2. Must appear to a bold TD/INT bollix stop bang off return.

3. Must be aggressive or improvement to happen.

Trades 2 per season. No one over 5 actor cap hit can be traded Rookies can’t be traded NO one over r90 traded unless final 2 years of contract.

Sim league, but if you can’t stop something its your problem. As continued as its not the exact aforementioned play aback to aback its accomplished Anniversary bold should accept atleast 20-30 altered types of plays called. Forbidden active out of abridged every play glitching A.I.

3 trades per division annihilation afterwards is $5 per barter Waiver wire: chargeless agents alone 2 annihilation added is $10/agent If its still a cpu aural 12 hours of beforehand its FW no bulk if we accept a accepting yield the team.

Exception some picks up aggregation and you are able to play.

League starts September 1st $25/person = $800 complete 8 Divisions = $50 for acceptable = $400 Playoffs = $25 *4 = $100 Superbowl $150 Runner up $75 MVP= $50.

$25 larboard over appear alliance bare fees.

8 Min abode 25 added timer All-Madden Sim Alliance bulletin me on actuality to get rules Application groupme for chat.

Xbox tag- Shanewallawalla Teams Taken Bengals Lions.

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