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Madden 17 even accustomed Fournette for both touchdowns. Aboriginal annual says you are on the 6...with a 5 backyard run. That would put the brawl at the 1 backyard line, the Madden NFL 17 Coins band aloft it says it was a hasty touchdown. Not abiding what the catechism is there.

And the aboriginal annual is the scoring summary, the added pic is the play by play. What don't you get? It's a glitch. How are you accepting upvoted?

Has no one abroad had this scoring glitch? I've had it appear at leas 5 times!

If you run to the corner, something that should be a touchdown will sometimes be placed at the 1, in the stats you get accustomed for the touchdown but you still acquire to bite it in from the one. If you end up scoring afresh the amateur will get accustomed again.

It's aswell happened if I apprenticed bless on a breakaway and the all was out of bound as I ran aloft the ambition line. It was an accessible score, but they placed the brawl on the 1.

I got accustomed in the stats for that touchdown and the one on the next play but on the scoreboard I was abandoned accustomed one touchdown.

Not abiding what the catechism is? Hmm the catechism is why does the scoring arbitrary acquire him scoring alert if he abandoned denticulate once. Don't be a twat.

Also apprehension the aboriginal touchdown shows no added point attempt, because I'm abiding there wasn't, because it's a annihilate in the game.

Craziest scoring annihilate I had started out with my adversary scoring a touchdown. He (yes I affected his gender) went for two and I got a pick, but he aswell had a captivation alarm on the play.

My batteries in my ambassador went out so I couldn't acquire or abjure the penalty. The next affair I apperceive I (yes me!) Am lined up for an added point.

I get the added point, but afresh acquire to alpha the ball. Still concluded up acceptable a abutting game, but still it fabricated no sense.

The exact aforementioned screens ran the aforementioned exact way are sometimes hasty TDs sometimes receiving.