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NFL - Literal Newbie for Madden

Literal Newbie for Madden, and American football in general. Tips on accepting good?I can say afore this year I've never even affected a Madden bold I about watched any of the amateur except this year's air-conditioned bowl. In actuality I anticipation the Houston Oilers were still a team. Try and Madden Mobile Coins explain in simplest agreement possible.

My opinion: play an earlier Madden instead of this years. Or acquisition sliders (operationsports.com) to accomplish the gameplay better.

And Duke Johnson Jr. loses 2 Abrasion appraisement to a "Major Injury" afterwards every game, even admitting he isn't injured?

After the 2016 season, teams were ablaze with HB aptitude and I was able to aces up some adolescent HBs adequately bargain on the barter block. One of them was Duke Johnson Jr. He's been accomplishing able-bodied in the pre-season, but afterwards every bold he regresses by 2 Abrasion credibility due to a "Major Injury."

He isn't accepting afflicted in these games; in fact, he usually alone gets ~5 touches anniversary bold because he's the 3rd stringer.

This seems like a bug. Has this happened to anyone else? How do I stop it? I've been alteration him to add 2 credibility of Abrasion aback afterwards every game,Madden NFL 18 Coins but I don't ambition to do this every game.

It's a bug. I'm in year 5 of a 32 man CFM and Goff loses 2 abrasion every 2 weeks or so. Even our DL says he's aching if he's been accomplished and hasn't been afflicted aback Division 2 if he bankrupt his collar bone.