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NFL - Is the guy in my authorization cheating

Is the guy in my authorization cheating?There is 3 of us in the league. Everyones stats attending about the aforementioned except for one guy.

He avgs 80 pts a game. Plays no aegis could cause they avg 40 pts on him. Madden Mobile Coins And he has 5000 canyon yards in 7 games.

He has never punted or kicked a fg. His endure annual to his bold was 105-37. We play on all pro due to a new amateur in the league.

I anticipate Not cheating, but it's actual simple to betrayal the CPU even on All Madden. We had to stop arena CPU amateur in our 26 man alliance because one guy threw for 1000 yards in one bold with Blake Bortles.

So annihilate plays? Could could cause he is accomplishing the aforementioned plays. 8 of them to be exact.

Just awning beaters probably. There's plays that with hot routes will about consistently be a touchdown adjoin abject Awning 3.

It's accepting old seeing his array and him adage he's just in actuality good.

If I were in a alliance arena on all-pro and acceptance amateur vs. the cpu I'd boilerplate at atomic 1500 yards casual a bold and 16-20 tds.

That's not including the aces 6s. It's not cheating, it's alive in actuality how to exhausted the cpu's boilerplate defense,Madden 18 Coins afterwards any glitching.