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NFL - Into accepted Madden ratings system

I’ve been arena Madden aback there was Madden. I was in top academy and academy throughout the 1990s and I absent many, abounding classes so I could play the a lot of accepted version. Even the one in the backward 90s if EA anticipation they didn’t need the rights to the NFL logos. It was still a abundant bold but it just wasn’t the same.

How abundant would it be if the CFM had the advantage to carbon history?

I ambition EA would accept an advantage to accept a year to alpha your franchise. Absolutely they accept all the starting rosters and ratings from the agnate years dating aback the aboriginal John Madden Football. I’m abiding it would

yield some

time but they could amend the attributes that didn’t abide aback afresh and accompany the absolute players into accepted Madden ratings system.

How it could work? Whenever you alpha a CFM you accept the year you ambition to start.If you accept to alpha in 1991 the authorization would alpha with the abstract above-mentioned to the 1991 season.

You alpha with the 1991 absolute apple rosters and afresh "rewrite history" as you draft. There were a scattering of players in the 1991 abstract that weren’t superstars if they came into the alliance but concluded up in the HOF. (Brett Favre was drafted in the 2nd annular by the Falcons.)

Players like Favre would be rated as rookies not as the superstars they would become. At the end of the 1991 division and afore the 1992 abstract you could accept an advantage to either download the 1992 absolute apple amateur chic or even play with a new crop of CPU generated rookies. It would all be up to you on how to carbon history.

EA would accept to affairs in the NFL mural changes forth the way.

ie..in 1995 the Panthers and Jaguars abutting the league, 1996 The Browns confused to Baltimore, ancient in the 90s the abstract went from 12 to 7 rounds, etc.

Users could be accustomed the advantage of authoritative these mural changes or befitting things historically accurate. The way I play.I would adopt to accumulate aggregate historically accurate…but that’s just me.

Imagine how alarming it would be to go through the 90s and 2000s. Could you still get Peyton Manning into the HOF.

Could you carbon history by authoritative Ryan Leaf a HOF amateur instead of the bigger apprehension of all time. What would accept happened if Bo Jackson didn’t get aching adjoin the end of the 1990 NFL season?

So abounding possibilities. As abundant as I abhor paying absolute money for annihilation that has to do with MUT. This is something I would pay for.I would pay an added $20 for admission to a approach or DLC like this.

I agnosticism anyone from EA would anytime apprehend this. Amuse up vote of Madden NFL 17 Coins if you agree. Maybe...Just maybe.