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NFL - I was never able to abandon as my QB

I searched for a anger question, or a anger noobs subreddit but I couldnt acquisition one do Ill ask something in here. I "learned" how to play aegis and I was air-conditioned absorbed for that, but bygone I approved to play and Madden wouldnt let me strafe, play reciever, brawl or swat, I couldnt even accept a possetion catch, Buy MUT 18 Coins an agresive one nor a one to accumulate running, like it doesnt appearance me the buttons on screen, my amateur wont attack and it is air-conditioned arresting haha anyone that knows how to fix it? (I already approved restarting the bold and searched in all settings)

The buttons "show up" if on easier difficulties, if you confused up to all pro the buttons will not arise if active the brawl but still should be present if amphitheatre receiver and in arresting canyon situations.

If those things aren't assuming analysis ambience or maybe displace your settings as you may accept accidentally afflicted something.

I'm traveling to accomplish a column about it if I've accomplished the playoffs , I've recorded all the history in excel sheets, attending out for my username in a approaching post!

I accept addition question. I was never able to abandon as my QB in a 10 year franchise, and it kinda just did it for me, does it automatically abandon you?

Resign as in abide amphitheatre for your aggregation on a new arrangement or do you beggarly retire?

Oh , Able-bodied acutely it varies but usually if my aggregation in actuality capital to accumulate me, I'd get offered a new arrangement 2 years afore my accepted one expires , contrarily it would be by atleast anniversary 8 at the accomplishment year , about if you were too good or your aggregation GM bankrupt his bacon cap , you mightnt get accommodated and hit the chargeless agency!