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How to about-face user to receiver while quarterback still has the ball?I see humans do it often,Madden Coins and accept not activate an acknowledgment anywhere else.

While I'm amphitheatre breach and wish to user ascendancy the receiver afterwards throwing the brawl I consistently end up throwing it or accomplishing some added action.

Hold L2 and move the adapted stick in the administration you wish them to go...Pretty abiding it's switching to receiver and exhausted the larboard deride stick in to lock you as that amateur afresh you can breeze the brawl and breach receiver.

Nah he bureau the "playmaker control" or whatever it is. There's a user play banderole for it now. I apperceive what OP is apropos to but idk how to do it.

The QB will cycle out and afresh you'll see the abutting receiver accept a white amphitheater beneath them and you'll see them run beeline somewhere.

To clarify, I meant during the absolute play. I see humans cycle out with their QB and about-face user to the receiver to move him into a vertical avenue or something. Usually X & O are to about-face players but those buttons are apparent to canyon to those receivers.

I don't anticipate they about-face to them, usually it's accomplished by a receiver/tight end, alive backs awareness/route running.

My acquaintance does that all the time in our amateur area he will cycle out and his receivers go from alive a flat, cross, slant, etc to a vertical afterwards he's done rolling out Madden 17 Coins afresh he lobs it for an simple aboriginal down and added because my defenders go abounding impaired if that happens.

So if you wish them to do that added advancement their acquaintance and avenue alive (may aswell be accomplished by clamp trait).