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NFL - I just allegation to bluster in Madden

I just allegation to bluster for a additional and I apperceive that my wife does not accord two shits about my online Madden authorization with my associate and I'm abiding a lot of of you don't affliction either but I allegation about to Cheap Madden Mobile Coins vent.

So for some aback story, I accept a associate that I've accepted for the accomplished 3 years or so. He doesn't play abundant xbox and hadn't played Madden in apparently a decade. I talked him into accepting an Xbox one during one of their Madden array sales. We started up an online authorization calm and we started off the aboriginal analysis on Pro. Just for him to affectionate of get acclimated to the game. Afterwards the aboriginal season, I confused it up to All Pro. Things were traveling ok for awhile. He absent a lot added than I did, but he managed to accomplish the playoffs every year. However, we've accomplished our 5th or 6th analysis now and I've run into a bit of a botheration with him...

He's activate the plays in the playbook that plan about every time and I'm appealing abiding he uses abandoned those plays and annihilation else. He hardly runs the brawl and he puts up bags of credibility and yards every abandoned game.

The acumen this bugs me is because I'm added of a realist if it comes to madden. I fix the timing of the bold and the sliders just appropriate so that the gameplay stats bout up to about what they would be in a complete game.

This guy has befuddled a bend in it. He has in actuality broke all the almanac books. Just decimated them now that he's activate these plays. For instance, I bumped it up to All Madden this abide analysis afterwards even cogent him because I was trying to apathetic down his breach and accomplish things a bit added normal. It didn't work.

His quarterback this analysis has about 8 thousand yards. 8 THOUSAND. He has 2700 added yards than the next quarterback. He's befuddled for 76 touchdowns, bifold the next highest. However, he has led the alliance in interceptions every abandoned year we've played because he continues to alarm the aforementioned plays and go for the big plays every play and doesn't affliction about the coverage. He has 46 interceptions on the year. 3 of the top 4 receivers in the alliance are his advanced receivers. his WR1 and WR2 and his bound end. His top receiver has about 3 thousand yards accepting and has bent 39 touchdowns. I apperceive in actuality what plays he calls to get these big numbers for these guys and he primarily calls 2 plays.

The bend bang is the big one and I apperceive this one works because I use it if I'm in a bind. He hits his two alfresco advanced receivers if they are in abandoned man advantage and a lot of of the time you can crop it for the touchdown. The added play is a simple out avenue by the bound end and you can about consistently get a lot of yards out of that one. I deceit bethink the play off the top of my head.

I apperceive this in actuality impaired but angelic bits does it bug me. I like a challenge, so I abstain those plays unless I in actuality allegation to use them. But he's one of those guys that just doesn't care. He will blaze abroad application the aforementioned plays over and over.3-4 interceptions a bold does not affect him because he throws 6-7 touchdowns a game.

I accept no botheration with annal accepting torn in a franchise, as continued as they are astute and I've told him this. I approved to allocution to him about it already and he said "C'mon man, just let me accept this one thing. You consistently exhausted me anyways. This is all I have."

He plays as the Seahawks. Russell Wilson has the almanac for casual yards in a bold for 8 of the top 10 spots, with his top bold accepting 815 yards. He has 3 of the top 4 spots for touchdowns in a game. I'm in actuality suprised he doesn't accept more. His receivers authority 5 of the 10 acme spots for yards in a bold and 4 of the top 10 spots in touchdowns in a game. One of his receivers has had 3 of those spots just in this abide season.

Wilson aswell has the top 3 spots for yards in a season. Like I said, I don't accept a botheration with annal accepting broken, but fucking Russell Wilson assault Peyton Manning's almanac by about 2 thousand yards? Accord me a fucking break. Fucking 76 touchdowns this season....21 added than Peyton Manning's record. His fucking advanced receiver has a thousand added yards than Calvin Johnson's almanac breaking analysis and 16 added touchdowns than Randy Moss's almanac breaking season.

I apperceive this is abundantly brainless to be affronted about, but in actuality irritates me. Like a fucking a lot. It makes me not ambition to play with him anymore. In actuality I've been traveling best and best in amid amateur in our authorization because it's ashamed me so much. Again, I've said something to him about it but he doesn't assume to care. Abide night he texted me and said "I anticipate we allegation to bang up the difficulty" and afresh accretion to annual off the 6-7 touchdowns he got that were 50 yards or more. He doesn't even fucking apperceive it's already on all Madden.

I texted him and told him that maybe he could not alarm the aforementioned plays afresh over and over. He said "well yeah that's authentic too." Anyways, acknowledgment for absolution me rant of Madden NFL 17 Coins. My wife doesn't affliction and I apparently affliction way too much. I don't ambition to just abdicate on him because he enjoys it so much. He texts me about every night to see if I played my bold so that he could get on and play. I assumption I could maybe just bang the sliders up all the way. I don't fucking know.